December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010 - nearly done.  This is a good thing.  I'm all for moving forward. 

May 2011 be a wonderful year for everyone!

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Back to Work and Stuff

Wow - leave town for a bit and when you get back there's not enough time in the day to get things done. 

So here are a few observations from the recent trip.

I wish I could have a condo in the city and this house in the middle of nowhere.  City time and fun stuff to do then quiet time.  OTOH having 2 places would be twice as much work - so maybe not.
When taking a bag on a flight, it might be a good thing if you don't put sand in it.  Or if you do, make sure it is well wrapped. 

Some poor woman ended up with sand all over herself because some idiot man had sand in his backpack which he put in the bin over her head.  As the plane took off, sand started a nice streaming motion out of the bin and onto her.

Please don't use the open overhead bin as a grab bar to hoist yourself out of your airplane seat.  If you break the bin because you are a large person, we don't get to fly anywhere.  It also means you need to do some exercise so your own legs can get you in and out of seats.

Women who are no longer in high school should never ever wear short plaid skirts with tights.  No matter how skinny you are, you look ridiculous - not younger - trust me on this.

Saw a woman walking down the street in black mid-calf length boots.  They had 5 inch stiletto heels and some sort of white fur thing down the front. Looked like a couple of rodents had landed on them and were holding on for dear life.  How stylish.

Went to a dueling piano bar in Chicago called Howl at the Moon.  It was a blast.

Saw the Bears game at this bar called State. They have really excellent cheese toast plus we got a booth with our own 40+ inch television screen... along with what seemed like 100 other televisions in the place.  Since we couldn't go to the game and since it was way warmer in the bar - it was great fun to watch the game there.

Went to a Blackhawks game and sat in one of the luxury boxes because my daughter can get tickets through work.  They had really excellent skirt steak sandwiches.  The game was terrific too.

At some point in your life, make time to hit Michigan Avenue on the day before Christmas and just walk around with the crowds (shopping is not the objective here).  Best comedy routine you'll ever see. People are funny when you just stop to watch them.

Had some either late teen or early twentysomethings staying in rooms across the hall from us.  At one point they apparently decided that room hopping and slamming doors would be fun.  Lucky for them they did it during daytime hours.  However, I did really want to go out in the hall and ask if I could help them figure out which room they wanted to be in after the doors had slammed about 30 times in 10 minutes. Good grief.

There is nothing better than having a Starbucks 2 blocks from the hotel.  I get a walk, I get coffee with chocolate, it's a wonderful way to start the day.

Overheard a woman on the plane coming back to Boston complaining about how cold it was in Chicago... what?  That wasn't cold! 

Well I think that's it for now.  More later I hope.  All depending on how much work I have to do first. 

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December 29, 2010

Whew - Back

I have lots to blog if I can find the time.  We went to Chicago for Christmas and spent the week bugging the kids.  Heh. 

Got back last night and now I'm into post trip fix up.  Getting the mail, doing the wash, getting work done.  It was really great to get offline for close to a week.  I only checked email.  I must say, it's very relaxing to kick back and ignore the world for a while.

More later when I get a chance to pull together a longer post.

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December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Over the next few days I will not be online much.  So to all my friends out there, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  I may be checking out blogs, but unless I end up with lots of free time I won't be posting. 

I'll be having fun though and I hope you will too!

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December 07, 2010

This and That - Updated a little

Spotted this headline today:

Half of Europe's adults overweight or obese: report

How can this be? I have been told for the longest time that all Europeans were slim, trim, and beautiful. All us ugly Americans were hideously obese. We've seen email pictures and television pictures to prove this is so. Over and over and over again. Europeans = thin... Americans = fat. Got it?

So what happened? Did they suddenly wake up fat this week? Maybe it's because of global warming.


Let's file this under... Duh - Ya Think or Let's State the Bleeding Obvious.

Pearl Harbor Day sees fewer surviving veterans from 1941 Hawaii attack(VIDEO)


Under the heading - Let's cut to the chase and start bitching about it now...

Explaining Facebook's new profile pages

Time to set up that protest page and send a note to all your "friends"...the We Hate the New Facebook Pages and Want the Old Ones Back. heh.


On a sidenote, I saw the story about Julian Assange and wikileaks on the Entertainment page of google's news today.


And last of all. My son called me late Sunday night. He was trying to study and his internet connection kept dropping on him. After I had him ping a few things, I was able to determine it was his DNS service causing the problem not his actual ability to get out on the net. So I had him put OpenDNS on his computer. Instant fix.

Today I see this story...

Comcast has another DNS failure

It's always fun to be right. Heh.


Just saw this story and had to add it to the list:

Study: Key to happiness is having friends at church

Damn!  Wish they had told me this earlier.  I had no idea I was so unhappy.  The things you learn about yourself from reading news stories... never ceases to amaze. 


Well today seems to be a treasure trove of fun little stories... and yet another one to file under - Duh - Ya Think or Let's State the Bleeding Obvious.

WikiLeaks Breach Raises Concern About Privacy of Electronic Medical Records

Hello!!!! knock knock knock Hello news media!!!!  Computer security experts have been saying this for YEARS.  What part of "it's not safe" was unclear to you? 

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