June 24, 2010

Dear Great Reader... Just for you

I thought you'd like a word of advice about drink umbrellas.


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June 18, 2010

Conversation with my Daughter

So my daughter called on her drive home from work this afternoon.  She was smack in the middle of the worst of the big storm that hit the entire Chicagoland area. (BTW - great picture at the link)  She wanted someone to know if her car got blown away. heh.

While talking she recounted a story. 

She was going to meet one of her friends for dinner.  They were on the phone while her friend was getting ready - finalizing the details.


Daughter:  Are you ready to leave yet?  We've been talking for a while.

Friend: No I've lost something, I have to find it before I leave.

Daughter: Your keys?

Friend: No my cell phone, I can't leave without it.

Daughter:  Try looking in your right hand next to your ear.


Ah me.  It used to be keys or glasses.

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A Few Things for This Weekend

No I haven't gone back and rewritten the post I blew away by accident.  I'll do that tomorrow or Sunday... maybe. 

Tonight we have a few bits of housekeeping to take care of... since I'm a lousy housekeeper you will see I'm late and yes damn late with a few announcements.

Firstly LeeAnn has changed home addresses. Of course most everyone already knows that by now.  But just in case you've been running from the little wolfy, I thought I'd let you know.  Oh yeah... I also figured out (cause I'm more than a little slow when it comes to these things) I never added her under the Peeps I've met category.  Geeze... I may give up on this entire blog rolly thing. 

Secondly the incomparable Elisson has also moved to new quarters.  He is now in the Cheese Aisle, this is a wonderful thing for us all. Maybe you will remember ... the Cheese Mistress  turned in her cheddar and donned the wolf skin (and thus a baby wolf was born of cheese...).  I know Elisson didn't want all that lovely cheesy goodness to go to waste. For this we are eternally thankful.

So I say - update your bookmarks.  Be a better blogger than I am.


And now for something completely different.

If you use Firefox to browse, you may be interested in this new little plugin.

HTTPS Everywhere

This is a good thing.  I highly recommend.  I have been using https whenever I connected to my gmail for years.  This little plugin just makes it a bit easier.

You can do this manually even if you use Internet Explorer, I like that it does it when you don't think about it.  So please check it out and keep your sessions safe from the local lurking hacker who might be watching you.

I think that's all - not too bad after about 2.5 glasses of wine.

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June 17, 2010

The Brilliance

Yes, the brilliance that is Iowahawk. 

Go here and read.

While you do that I will be placing my order.  At least I will when I can stop laughing long enough.

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