September 16, 2010

This Made Me Laugh

Which only goes to show I'm way too geeky for words.

A tweet by sintixerr

"their firewall ruleset is 21 pgs long;includes a 'PERMIT Any Any' in it so none of it matters"<-difference btween plans & implementations

I think I shall have to follow him.  (twitter has the creepiest language I must say).

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September 13, 2010

This and That then more That

Saw some headline about Oprah and her final season... is she still around?  Good grief I thought she was done already!


Saw another headline for some Lady Gaga chick. I have heard of her before but have no idea who she is or why she's famous.  Apparently millions watch her every move.  Guess I'm not one of them.  And I'm not sufficiently interested to look her up or even read the story that goes with the headline I saw.


Some people who are called "Computer Professionals" should not be allowed anywhere near a computer.  'nuff said.


Sounds like Microsoft has done an about face on human rights in Russia.  Google may want to take note - sane people like it when you don't support totalitarian governments.

Did another test drive over the weekend... Subaru Forester.  Results:

- what the hell is up with all this "moon roof" crap?  My husband sits in a car with one of those idiotic devices and his head hits the ceiling.  Then we are told that ONLY the base model is available without that ridiculous contraption.  It's not optional in better models - you will take it and you will like it! Sheesh.

- base level Forester... it's already got squeaks and rattles and it's brand new.  Don't know if there is less insulation or if all Subarus are like that.  Our 1998 Dodge Caravan makes almost no interior noise when driving down the road - it was not the top of the line when we bought it.   Hells bells, even the Jeep Wrangler which is pretty much a bare bones type of vehicle with removable doors makes less noise than this thing does. 

- they have a styrofoam tray over the spare tire (under the floor in the back) supposedly to "hold small stuff" like jumper cables.  I guess it was too much to spring for plastic and charge an extra $50.

- technically it will work. Without the "moon roof", all the seats are a good fit, and it drives well.  We have to decide if we can tolerate a brand new vehicle that sounds cheaply built and will only get worse as time goes on.

The noise thing is a really big issue for us.  Especially as we feel compelled to find  where a noise is coming from and try to make it stop.  Some of the noises were so high pitched it set my teeth on edge.  Should not have to worry about that kind of thing on a brand new vehicle. 

I still love my Kindle.  Although I don't really recommend it if you need to flip around in books to find certain things. I would not have liked it for school books.  But for straight reading it's terrific.  Also, I haven't had to recharge it since I charged it the first day I bought it.  Not bad at all.

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September 06, 2010

As If I Haven't Blogged Enough About It

It's been a gorgeous weekend.  I can not remember the last time an entire 3 day weekend turned out to have such incredibly good weather!  It's been sunny with puffy clouds, highs in the mid-70's lows at night in the high 50's  (terrific sleeping weather).  Of course this means I've been spending lots of time outdoors and not blogging. 

If I can make myself sit down and pull pictures off my camera, I'll have a few to post.  But it's been rather nice to get away from the computer for a bit. 

We did test drive 2 more vehicles on Saturday. It was so beautiful outside and this was one great way to be outdoors.   Of course we then came home, pulled out the hummus and crackers and wine and sat on the front porch to watch the sunset.  Lovely.

After copious research my husband determined that we can pretty much drop the vehicles that are primarily front wheel drive and drop to a type of 4WD when they encounter slippage.  We have a 15% grade (we measured it yesterday) and those types of "drives" are not going to be able to plow through the heavy snows and get us up that slope.  As that is one of the criteria - it cuts out several models (like the Honda Pilot). 

We either need full time AWD, or rear wheel drive with shift on the fly 4WD.

This time it was used SUV's.  It's a bit easier to look at new stuff and get a feel for what's out there, but with used, no matter the type of vehicle, we wouldn't have that "OMG we don't want anything bad to happen to it!!!" feeling you have when you buy a brand new car.

There's a higher end used car place near us.  They have one of just about everything on their lot so it was a good place to go check out a couple different vehicles.

First up we have a Nissan Pathfinder. We had very high hopes for this one.  It's not exciting or anything, but it doesn't look bad.  I liked the interior driver layout far better than the Pilot - it's better designed.   It's a shift on the fly 4WD - it has terrific ground clearance and the space we want.  Well... space for cargo with an easily cleaned rear cargo space.  The problem is... space for us... not so much.

What the the hell is it with these car makers???  This thing looks HUGE from the outside - should be more than enough seating space inside - right?   I got in this thing and immediately knew my husband was NOT going to fit or rather - not fit well. 

The seats are placed so high, when he had the seat as far down as he could get it - his head nearly touched the top of the sunroof (there would be no way at all we could close the sunroof covering if he was sitting in the car!)  Even I was looking out through the "blue" tinted top of the windshield!  That never happens to me! 

They have grab handles on the FRONT side frame next to the windshield!  So there is this big clunky thing sticking out that blocks part of the front facing view and if you happen to have an accident - it would make a nice hard object to bounce your head off of... good grief!  We both felt like the thing was closing in on us.  It's not often that I have that kind of feeling in a vehicle. 

The saddest part - we did test drive it and really liked the ride.  If we had fit in it we would have ended the search there.  *sigh* 

And so we move on.

Next up the Mercedes ML350.  One of these is too pricey when new, but at a couple years old, it's the same, or less, than any of the others we looked at new - except the Subaru which is the least expensive of all of them (makes me worry a bit about it).  It has absolutely terrific seating for 4 adults who are taller.  My husband had over 2 inches between his head and the closed sun roof!  That is by far the most headroom of anything he's been in.

It has okay cargo area - not as big as the Pilot, but bigger than the Forester.  It has full time AWD.  We still aren't sure about the ride.  It wasn't quite what we were expecting - but we may have been expecting too much of a "car-like" ride for something that is more truck-like.  Since we were driving a used vehicle, we're going to hit up another place and drive one again.  It has some quirks (as they all do) but right now - it's in the top spot. 

So we have very sadly eliminated one and been surprised by another.  We'll see.  More test driving today I think. 

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