January 30, 2011

This Shoveled Porch Brought to You by Pilates

Yesterday while my husband spent nearly 4 hours outside shoveling the roof (yes, one must shovel roofs here to stop ice dams from ruining the house). I was sitting around waiting to see if my boss would call since he was at the office working on servers. While I waited, I got really geeky and started noodling around with Multimarkdown. I promised myself I was not going to do this. Really I did. But I listened to my latest Screen Casts Online and damn if it didn’t turn out to be too fun once I started looking at it. ACK!

Today I am writing this post in Notational Velocity (alt) and I love it. I was able to set up some fantastic Textexpander clips that make linking everything so much faster it’s incredible. And I have a terrific preview screen. (not that previews help me much - I still suck as a proof reader) but I’ll get a better view of how the post will look which I like. If you have a Mac and you blog, you may want to look into the stuff above and have some fun. Sadly I don’t think Multimarkdown works on Windows. Which is a shame. (Guess I should add that no I don't get paid by any of those people above. Just me having fun with geeky toys - ha)


Today, I shoveled the back porch. I think there were several hundred pounds of snow. It was about 3 feet deep with a layer of ice on the bottom, snow, a layer of ice in the middle and then snow on top. The drawback is, there is no open side on the porch, it’s completely surrounded by rails - you enter from the house. To get rid of the snow, you pick up a shovel and lift it over the side.


But it’s clean and I’m not sore - which I attribute to all the work we do in Pilates class. Those 25 minute ab series that leave me nearly collapsed and unmoving. All those weight reps, all the oblique and lat work… they paid off.

alt text


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January 27, 2011

Still Watching...

Days later...

It hasn't moved yet, but every once in a while it makes funny noises.

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January 17, 2011

Love It

Jim Cornelison from the Chicago Blackhawks and the Bears fans and a superb rendition of the National Anthem with a perfectly timed flyover at the end. 

Rockin' the house.

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January 16, 2011

One Space or Two?

Read it. 

When you stop laughing, you may decide that you too have a right to your own beliefs... and type accordingly. 

Everyone Has a Right To Their Beliefs

(As for me, I do believe comment number 2 sums things up brilliantly)

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January 11, 2011

The Snowpocolypse Arrives on the Heels of the iPhone

The two biggest stories in the news up here today...



Verizon gets the iPHONE!!!

In snowy news, the big storm that's had everyone talking down south is joining up with a bigger low pressure system from the Midwest and cold air from the North.  Together they are ready to precipitate upon us starting in the wee a.m. hours of Wednesday. 

I just watched the latest weather forecast from necn.com (they are generally spot on with their snow forecasts). It seems that tomorrow midday we will be seeing snow at rates of 1-3 inches per hour. 

Cool.  (so to speak)

Totals will likely be in the 12-18 inch range... Just like many others we've had here.  It will restrict most travel for a day and then we'll be cleaned up and back to normal.

The best part... the heavy stuff will happen in daylight hours.  So I may be able to grab some video of all the snowiness descending rapidly.  We'll see.

For me though, the really fun news was the big announcement of the iphone finally being offered by Verizon.  It's been soooo tiresome over the years waiting for this to happen.  Now we don't have to listen to all the rumors and speculation anymore.  Thank heaven! 

My contracts are up in May.  I have a phone and a mifi.  That will give them time to get past the initial rush of people and work out the opening bugs.  If all goes well, I can move my phone, mifi, and ipod touch to one single device.  Excellent... with reservations.

These combo things have never worked well for me in the past.  So while it sounds fantastic - the actual use may be less than great.  We shall see.

Oh and no - I don't want a droid.  Really I don't.

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