December 31, 2011

Out With the Old and In With the New

As always I'm ready to move on to a new year.  Not that this particular year was bad, but I like to look ahead and not back.

So Happy New Year to all of you and may 2012 bring you many wonderful things indeed! 

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December 30, 2011

News You Can Use

Tim Thomas is the best goalie in the NHL.  He's also a really fantastic guy.  AND he's 37 years old!  I don't endorse athletes as role models, but many kids could benefit from knowing how he got where he is today.  My favorite quote:

"Sometimes it seemed like they would have rather had goalies in the NHL who looked good getting scored on than ones who looked bad stopping the puck,” he remembers.

Stop brain shrink?  Well that's what these people are touting to keep you from losing your memory as you get older.  Does it work?  Who knows.  It's about as good as anything else out there I guess.

A couple of scientists are proposing SETI be used to look for alien footprints on the moon.  I think they should look for human ones first and if they find them, then go on to the alien type. 

So there you go.  Have fun. 

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December 28, 2011

Tweetings That Make me Laugh

One of the things I like about Twitter is the humor factor whether intentional or not.  If you follow the right people you will see some very funny things. 

Unintentionally funny:

DON'T DRIVE DRUNK. From 6pm-6am on New Year's Eve/Day AAA will take your drunk self and your car home for FREE, member or not: 800-222-4357

This was a retweet and I don't follow the original person who posted, but the first thing I thought was "so any other time it's okay to drive drunk... alrighty then".


Here's another retweet from a person I don't follow but maybe I should....



And here's one from @deathstarPR who I do follow. It's all in how you look at it:

You say, "Force choke", we say, "thoughtful long-distance throat massage". #StarWars


Do be careful though and don't look at twitter's public timeline - you'll need to bleach your eyes if you do.  Just sayin'...

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December 27, 2011

More Meanderings

Saw a headline today that said...

Will Nelson's Exit Cost Dems Senate?

And I thought - I had no idea Willie Nelson was a Senator... um...oh okay... nevermind. heh.


Apparently someone threw a dead duck onto the ice near the end of the San Jose (Sharks) / Annaheim (Ducks) game. I think that tops the dead squid they throw at the Detroit games.


The guys at Bagel Tech Foto found Missy MWAC last week on youtube. This week they had her on the show. She is hilarious.

Here's her first vid where you will find out all about "the camera".

It's good, but I have to say her appearance on Bagel Tech Foto was awesomely hilarious.


Ah lovely, GoDaddy supports SOPA - this makes them even sleazier than I though they could ever be and I thought they were at the bottom of the barrel.


The security analysis firm Stratfor was hacked. Anonymous got lots of emails and passwords. Long long ago I subscribed to Stratfor. They started out free then went to a paid subscription. They were good, but sadly (in my view) a presidential election came along. They decided they had to make their very own "Presidential endorsement". *sigh* That's when they started touting their own political stance in their newsletters AND that's when I dropped them.

Politics of any stripe tend to make people into idiots of the highest order. Not good at all when you are trying to run an information business. At that point one has to question the quality of the information they are presenting in other areas. Best to not say anything at all.

Still... I wonder if any of my old info was still on their servers. Interesting.

As for the people throwing out innuendo about a security firm being hacked and "how good can they be"... well, it all depends on how they got hacked. Even then it's difficult for me to get too critical. Any web presence can be hacked if the people behind the attack are determined enough. They only need one way in - the site has to try and protect against everything. It's a losing battle.

That's it for now. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and are resting up in preparation for the New Year.

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December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Have a lovely day!  I've been a little bit busy and forgot to post something until now. Ha! 

Hope Santa was good to all of you.

Let me add... I just saw this post by Charles and of course I had to go find a Topo Gigio vid. Then I saw Señor Wences.  So for all of you who remember Sunday nights with Ed Sullivan... enjoy!



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December 21, 2011

Social Media

Saw a tweet today from Chris Selland:

@cselland You know which bloggers are my absolute faves? Those who can take ANY topic and turn it into a post about themselves.

I thought this was the definition of blogging. All else is online media. heh.


This story from the Telegraph was tweeted out by someone else - I forget who so it was probably a retweet.

Airline offers chance to pick who you sit next to using Facebook

Honestly I think I'd rather take my chances with whoever ends up next to me.  Except in cases of extreme weather and such, I won't have to sit next to the person for longer than a few hours.  The thought of someone looking me up on facebook to decide whether to sit next to me or not creeps me out for some reason.  No idea why, but it does.


Evernote tells me Skitch for ipad is now available.   I may have to look it up and see if I can play with it.  Didn't have much interest in using it on my desktop mac, but it might be lots of fun on the ipad. We shall see.


And last of all - this new service being offered by Rhode Island's TF Green airport.  I love this airport.  Really I do. 

That's it for now.

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December 20, 2011


For some reason I have a ton of emails that I subscribed to voluntarily.  I guess it's easy enough to hit the delete key so I don't really read most of them.  Today's headline caught my eye though and I looked at it for quite a while.

"WSJ TECHNOLOGY ALERT: Microsoft, Nokia Flirted With Idea of Making Joint Bid for RIM"

I'm wondering how companies flirt... Do they send chocolates?  Pen little notes they pass around the board tables beneath the noses of the person running the meeting (oh yes - definitely folded into that cute little football shape)?  Text them late night notes that say "I'm thinking of you..."?   Take them on dates to exclusive restaurants? 

Oh the story itself?  Who cares about that when we can speculate about the sex lives of companies...

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December 19, 2011

Wandering Stuff

There are headlines all over the net... sometimes 2 or 3 in the same feed telling me that Kim Jong Il is dead.  Okay - I get it already.  He has assumed room temperature.  Can we go onto the next story now?


Google has an "Easter egg" going. If you go to their search bar and type in "let it snow" it starts to snow on your browser and then frosts up.  Not sure whether this is cool or not, but it got them lots of tweets and even a few headlines.

Young son is headed this way for Christmas.  I hope the big snow storm which is now causing issues in the SW part of the US doesn't cause problems with his flight out. 

He got straight A's again this semester and I got him a good Christmas present.  It would be pretty much of a let down if he couldn't get here.

There's a headline on one of my feeds that says something about a "British sprinter" raising money on ebay.  I keep reading it as "British spinster".  heh

That's all I've got for now. 

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December 16, 2011

A Little Dog Christmas

I love Border Collies and Papillons (there was a Papillon in the training class where I trained our dog years ago - small but very smart) also German Shepherds, Aussie Shepherds... well I like dogs. 

Now if only I could get them to decorate my house I'd be set.

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December 07, 2011

Jumping Forward 70 Years

And changing Navies... to the British side.  Here's a Christmas vid from the Aviation Department of the HMS Ocean. Heh.

They were supposed to be deployed for 7 weeks and that turned into 225 days.  Welcome home sailors!

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