May 05, 2011

Sailing, Sailing

Last Sunday we headed down to Boston for the day. The Boston Sailing Center had an open house with a free sail for those interested. Fun!

After signing up and looking at the large number of people, we figured we would have at least an hour to wait very likely two hours. So we sat down to take in the harbor view. The woman who was trying to get people assigned to boats happened to say to someone within our hearing “would you mind going on a smaller boat, or do you want to go out on one of the larger boats?” (smaller being a J24, larger being a C&C38 )

We immediately told her we would love to go out on a smaller boat! She was delighted. Almost everyone wanted to be on the larger boats. This meant we were able to sail immediately. (woohoo - no lines no waiting!) Our boat had 4 people. One of the instructors (a delightful young woman who apparently has sailed her entire life), another man who was an experienced sailor, my husband, and me. My husband has sailed his sister’s Dolphin sailboat (a very small centerboard boat instead of a keel boat - marginally larger than a Sunfish). I was the only one with no experience other than being a passenger.

I should say here, the extent of my sailing has been either idling on a lake in the middle of Missouri without a breath of wind or being capsized in one of the few brisk windy days they ever have down there. By comparison a J24 is huge and extremely stable. Considering my previous sailing encounters, I brought a change of clothes in the car just in case I was klutzy enough to fall off the boat.

There was a nice brisk wind, the sun was out, all in all it was a terrific day for sailing around the inner harbor of Boston.

alt text

Some wonderful views of the city too.

alt text

At the end of our (far too short) excursion, we had to be “rescued” after all. In a comical turn of events, once we brought the sail down, the outboard refused to start. We were very near the neighboring dock. However, it was “open house” the center had people out on the water looking for such contingencies in power boats. We were nearly ready to catch on and tie up where we were when the rescue boat sped up and gave us a tow. All in all a fun trip.

After all that, how dull it would have been to go out on the large boat on the inner harbor. If the larger boat had sailed out of the harbor it would have been worth it, otherwise we were happy to give it a pass this time. Nice boat, but just not as fun in those circumstances.

Next up - sailing lessons this summer. But we’ll start with a Soling instead of the larger J24. I can’t wait!

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