September 28, 2011

Making a Comeback?

Blogging that is. 

After jumping into the Facebook fray, Erica has returned to blogging. I like this far more than scattershot single line entries over the course of the day on fb.  So go see her photos if you haven't seen them in a while and leave her a comment.  We want her to stick around in the blog world this time.

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September 27, 2011

A Leftover?

Went to Chicago last weekend to see the kids. Over the entrance to the hotel we spotted this:

alt text

Looks like a leftover from Cows on Parade. Or an escapee from one of the old meat packing plants… you never know. heh.

Another interesting site I posted at Posterous.  When in Chicago, one should always be looking around carefully - you never know what you'll see.

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September 19, 2011

Wow Been a While

I've been busy.  Too many things going on as usual.  Ah for the good old days when I first started blogging and had lots of time.  Or not... heh. 

I haven't had time to look at my photos from San Francisco which is annoying.  I would do it tonight since I seem to have a few extra minutes to spare, but I got a new crown on a tooth today and I don't feel much like working on photos.  The crown itself is fine. I think Novocaine makes me feel rather listless after it finishes the primary job of making my teeth numb.

Okay so I'll do yet another rec on some apps since I don't have anything else and I do want to put up a blog post.

First is CamScanner+ for the iphone.  I love it. I can take a photo of a printed page and turn it into a pdf to be saved (I usually save to Evernote but there are other options) it's the perfect solution to slow scanning.  The image is not as good as a flatbed scanner, but definitely readable and fast.  My desktop scanner is soooo slow and it is a royal PITA to use, so I've taken to using this if there is something I want to be readable, but doesn't have to be perfect.

BTW this is perfect for:
-business cards - you can get them loaded to EN and dump the card. 
- appointment cards - you can scan them in and not worry about losing it.
That kind of thing.

An example of how this would be handy... today's dentist appointment. My calendar on my iphone said the appointment time was 11am.  Their calendar said 11:30am.  If I had a copy of the appointment card in EN I could have called it up and shown them that I did not make a mistake when I entered the time on my calendar.  As it was... well... it was always possible I entered the time wrong.  Wouldn't have changed anything but I would have been vindicated.  Oh well.

The other app was recommended to me by blogless friend Chip.  It's called filterstorm. It's a photo app for the iphone and there is a pro version for the ipad. 

I have gotten both the iphone version and the ipad pro version but have only had a little time to play with them... they will take some figuring out. 

The pro version is a pretty nice photo library type of thing like Lightroom or Aperture (but not quite as functional yet).  Derrick Story just did a great review of it.  This is something I could have really used when I went to his workshop! (of course only if I'd had a few days to play with it beforehand - it is not something one can download and immediately understand).

So that's it.  Now I'm off to read because I've even run out of ambition to type a blog post - such as it is.  More later I hope. 

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September 12, 2011

iPhone Camera

If you have an iphone and you don't yet own Camera+ go buy it now! It's only $0.99 (it's on sale - I paid $1.99 - heh) and it is the most excellent camera app ever! 

First of all, you can touch and hold where you want to focus, then using a second finger, touch the screen somewhere else and you get a circle that will change the exposure level (lighten and darken the photo) until the screen looks right to you - just move it around. Then take the pic when you like how the light looks.

There's a little wheel next to the "shutter button" and it lets you do image stabilization, or a timer, or a burst mode. 

Once you take the pic you can edit it to make it look fun or funky or just improve the way it looks - there are any number of variations you can make.   You can even pull in a photo you already took and work on it. 

Yeah, I know - tiny screen, but still you get the option of working on it or not.  It's fun! 

No they haven't paid me at all.  I have been playing with this app lately and thought I should pass along the fun. 

I posted this pic over at posterous - I used the "depth of field" effect that softened the edges. I think I used some color effects too but can't quite remember.  (whoops nearly forgot!) It's got a grid on it!  It helps you keep the photo straight instead of ending up with a tilted photo you have to straighten later!  Cool.

So if you have an iphone and haven't grabbed this app yet - get it, then go forth and take photos! Don't forget to post them. 

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