October 30, 2012

Trip Notes

*** I should have called this the "Hurricane Sandy" edition, but I forgot.

Because it gives me something to do at airports, it's time for trip notes. Thank heaven for Evernote or I'd never remember a thing!

I was sitting next to a guy (on the flight home) who was headed to Boston to do some work this week.  I hope he didn't end up sitting in a hotel room with no electricity.  Talk about timing... hitting town just before the hurricane.  Wow!  It's exactly the kind of thing that would happen to me. 

Okay on to the notes: 

Flight out:

Sorry ladies, being in your late 60's does not give you an excuse to barge into the middle of the security line. Then saying "Oh sorry we didn't know!" when called on it is really really lame.  You are old enough to know what a line is and how it works, therefore you are idiots.

In security line behind every non-traveler today. Figuring out at the bins they have liquids in their luggage. Digging through bags and purses to pull it all out. What part of "all liquids must be in a 1 quart ziplock bag" was unclear to you?

Logan has the slowest security lines of any airport I've ever been in. Six people ahead of me, over 15 minutes to get through security… no one was stopped.

They are still using the stripper x-ray machine even though I read a story a few days ago saying those were not in use at Logan anymore. 

Plumber's crack, so not attractive girls, really it's not.  Please stop wearing low rise jeans that don't cover your ass. I don't want to see it!

People with small children boarding late. Not happy people.

People don't know how to stow suitcases. Sideways in the bin when the plane is full is not an option.

Of course the guy in front of me MUST recline.

Forgot my kindle!  ARG! Of course I have 3 books on it I want to read and now I won't get to any of them... oh well.

There are endless announcements on every flight, from trying to sell stuff to don't do that. Flight attendant still yacking away at least 15 minutes into the flight. When she stops the flight deck takes over.   

Would like to listen to an audible book… please just SHUT UP ALREADY!

Hate when they say free wifi but really you can only go to a couple of sponsored sites. To do anything else costs $10.  No I don't consider it free wifi if I can only go to ebay or delta.com.

In the car rental line:

Cisco router in a large box?  Was that a carry-on item?

Person behind me in line, opening her suitcase to search for items. Resting the top against my leg... Three times? 

Is there some reason an entire family of 5 (all over the age of 12) needs to stand in the rental car line?  Why not just the people who will be driving?

Flight back:

Awesome. Getting a blow by blow of a woman's car accident earlier in the day. She's not talking to me. She's on the phone babbling away.  And now I get the story a second time since someone else called her. Geeze lady get a Facebook page. And for the love of heaven everyone, stop calling this woman!

Another woman has started a call about getting a drug addicted kid into a treatment center.  First call to the center, next call to the family.  Wonder if the family knew they were part of our waiting lounge entertainment.

Older Southern gentleman in a suit. Wearing crocs. In a tasteful dark blue...

Touch screens suck on airplanes. Mine is stuck.

Bumpy bumpy ride but, so far, on time. They aren't serving anything but water because of the turbulence. First time I've seen that.

Nice landing by the pilot, very smooth with one herky-jerky bit once we were on the ground.  Parked at the gate, the plane is being slammed by wind gusts and rocking back and forth.

Boy on the plane (about age 10) air sick.  Everyone being very nice about it and trying to help him.

Shuttle bus:

Weirdly the shuttle bus came as soon as I walked out the terminal door. This has never ever happened to me before. Generally I see it driving away and have to wait 45 minutes for the next one.

Guy on the bus talking to a friend about the storm. Tells friend "it's coming up from what we call the south".

I also know he's going grocery shopping when he gets to Framingham.  He didn't give me a list of what he would be buying… feeling like I should tag along with him because now I'm curious.

Arrival at the parking lot.

Car is in the lot and starts.  Life is good.

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October 28, 2012

There and Back or something like that

I have been to Atlanta and on to Tennessee and back again. (I feel like Bilbo Baggins wandering about, but there were no dragons - too bad)  I have some fun airport things of note coming up, probably tomorrow.

Tonight I simply must stick with Sandy, the bit of weather headed toward us that is causing the Weather Channel to swoon with relief as they have a major storm to cover wall to wall.  It's the only thing anyone can seem to talk about right now.

Where is Jim Cantori?  I have avoided the weather channel so I don't have to see him in the wind yelling at the camera.  He should be in NYC covering the possible subway and tunnel floodings...

My sister reports that the NY Marathon people have left tents and television monitors up in Central Park.  Apparently they feel that tying them down with cement blocks or anchoring them to trees is sufficient to keep them in place.  I haven't laughed so hard in ages.

Bets being taken now as to how high the tents will go in their quest to wrap around a skyscraper.  Secondary bets on how many (if any) of the television monitors remain in one piece after the storm. 

Okay, they did hire guards to watch them...  yes they did.  I'm sure the guards will diligently watch them being blown away.   

I'm thinking the amusement factor here is enormous.  I'll try to find out from my sister what actually happened after the storm has passed by. 

BTW if you are on twitter Wunderground will send you weather alerts via twitter.  Pretty cool.  If you want to sign up go HERE for instructions.

It was a fabulous trip, but I have to say it's also great to be home.  Stay tuned.  If I have power, there will be more later.

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October 18, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Quite a long time ago, right after I got my iphone, I bought an app  called Pocket Informant.  (they also have an Android app if that's your preferred flavor of phone)

I was very excited when I bought it, but sadly, I realized after buying it,  it did not sync with the iCal calendar on my Mac.  *deep mournful sigh*  It did sync with google calendars, but that was not what I wanted to use. 

I took it off my phone, but kept it in itunes hoping that one day it would work.  Then I forgot about it completely.

Today I saw an update for it in itunes and decided to have another look.  Lo and behold, the app now syncs with my Mac calendars!!!  Yay!!! 

I need champagne... why do I not have champagne and streamers? 

I love this app because it has a beautiful interface.  Way way way back when, in the murky mists of time,  I had this same app on my Palm Treo.  It was one of the things I hated losing when the Treo finally flaked out on me.  As a calendar interface it is second to none.  I love the various views, love the way I can play with color.  They created things in a way I "get".  They have added quite a few features since I last checked it out so I will have to play with it and see what I can do now.

Color me very very happy. 

Of course I only reinstalled it tonight. I will use it for a while and make sure it's working well on the phone.  Then I may spring for the version that also is good for the ipad.  It is not cheap,  but for me it is well worth it.  I have tried many other calendar apps, but this one has always been the one I wanted to use. Now I can!


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October 02, 2012

Some of this and that

But was it pink?

Samuel Phipps Blamed Elephant For His 7th DUI: Cops


Pretty soon you'll need a permit to buy a printer...

Designer of 3-D Printable Gun Has His 3-D Printer Seized


Look out! A scandal is brewing... Because we all know he'd never be able to afford one otherwise...

Mark Zuckerberg received free iPhone 5 from Tim Cook


Whatever you do... do NOT give them stingers!


Didn't they ever watch My Favorite Martian?


And now you know. 

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