February 29, 2012

Travel Blog Notes

Blogging does make travel more fun. The stuff that irritates most people becomes a note to be posted when all is done.  Thus travel is far less annoying for bloggers than for other people.

So here we go - notes from my trip.

--SouthWest at PVD has the most awesome  waiting areas. Sitting in the geek section  with all the guys who have toys to plug in.
--A woman with 2 kids insisting they do school work in the airport lounge. In a startling turn of events the kids could care less. 
--Wow that blackberry screen is so cracked don't know how he sees anything. 
--Airplane seat backs suck. Why don't they have an adjustable neck support built in?  No matter how tall or short the person the headrest is always in exactly the wrong place.
--A child with plastic army men... Having a battle on his tray table making shooting noises. I love it. The first time I've seen a kid playing that in ages. Nice change from all the electronics.
--How delightful. A mother with a  3 yr old is letting her  run down the moving walkway, over and over, to burn off energy. What could possibly go wrong? If the kid gets hurt I'll testify on behalf of the airport.

--Am seriously considering a Hello Kitty suitcase to make mine easier to spot on the luggage carousel.

--Woman in line at security who never heard of the rules about liquids. No, you can not take a full sized bottle of lotion on the plane with you.  Really you can't. (this is why I like to arrive at the airport early - not only for the amusement factor).

--There are always always always 2 types of people on every plane. Those who must get something out of the overhead bin just when they announce the doors are closed and we'll be pushing back.  The other type with the electronic devices that they refuse to turn off until the flight attendant tells them 5 times.

--If you make disgusted noises because the flight attendants insist that "yes you MUST turn that off until we hit 10,000ft" I will back the flight attendants when they deck you.  Yes it's a stupid rule, but it's not our say. You want it changed - get a job in DC and change it!

--Sign at Midway says "Baggage Claim this way. Hope you're wearing comfortable shoes".

Travel fashion advice:

--Unless you are toothpick thin. Never ever wear horizontal stripes. Just saying...
--Have said it before will say it again.  If  you ever catch me wearing white  tennis shoes to travel... Please just shoot me!!! 

--A guy with so much metal pierced into his face he must have set off every alarm going through security. Are all the piercings worth the body cavity search?


That's all I've got for this trip. It was rather tame overall.  Maybe next time I'll see more and better passenger faux pas and other oddities.

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February 28, 2012

There and Back

I just got back from a week long trip last night or early this morning depending upon your point of view.  I have notes... but they will have to wait at least until tomorrow.  I'm too tired to work on them now.

It was the grand Midwest tour.  St. Louis, Chicago, and Wisconsin.  There were some parts I could have done without and other parts that were great.  Today was spent getting caught up on the emails I didn't respond to while on the road, the house stuff that piled up and all those assorted little things that don't generally have to happen all at once.

However, the laundry is done and I still have a few of the Girl Scout Thin Mints so I may just survive. 

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February 16, 2012

Dumping Accumulating Links

I have been meaning to post all week. Quite obviously that didn't work. Now you'd think I'd have a ton of links, but no, not so many. Maybe that's also why I haven't posted.

Let's start here

Warning: Whitney Houston autopsy video links on Facebook aren't what they seem

My opinion. If people are stupid enough to click these links they get what they deserve. I should be nicer about it, but this crap has been going on for so long now one has to wonder... who clicks them? Geeze.


Apple Announces OS X Mountain Lion for Mac Desktops

I'm holding out for "OS X Puddy Tat" before I upgrade again.


More Doctors 'Fire' Vaccine Refusers

So what's the problem? If people don't want to vaccinate their kids, they should not be allowed to bring sick children into doctors offices to possibly spread viruses to infants who haven't been vaccinated yet and immune deficient adults and children who are vulnerable to these diseases. Besides the fact that these people already know more about medicine than their doctors, so why do they even want to bother?


Raspberry Pi's $35 Linux computer on track to launch later this month

Talk about tech price drops... Wow.


Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain

I'm slightly disappointed, it doesn't look like you can walk the upside down loop.


I posted this on FB but for anyone who has kids of school age who are interested in space exploration.

International Space School Education Trust

Might be of interest.


And if you'd like to give yourself something else to worry about...

Your Walking Speed and Hand Grip Could Predict Your Future Health

I walk fast and my hand strength has improved dramatically since I started taking Pilates.  This means I will quickly decline into dementia and stroke out shortly thereafter because I never do things the way people tell me I should.


Now get out there and work on your grip strength and walk a mile or so... ha.

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February 11, 2012

Fun and Games

Because you can never spend too much on cat toys... how about an

iPad app for your cat

Someday this may help us figure out how to always have a good hair day

Like How Your Hair Hangs? Praise the Laws of Physics

So if I ever get hold of a jetpack and go flitting about the world, this is something to remember

Hovering isn’t difficult if you’re top heavy

Apparently the International Space Station is passing over as I type this. Sadly it's cloudy outside.

However, if you are on twitter and follow


They will DM you with the times you can go look for it to pass overhead. So far it's been in the wee hours of the am until tonight... tonight it was supposed to be at 7:30pm. Perfect... except for the clouds. Oh well. Next time.

Lastly, I may have to start wearing zebra stripes at certain times of the year.

Zebra stripes evolved to keep biting flies at bay

I wonder if it works for mosquitoes too... hmmm.

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February 08, 2012

Odds and Ends

My son sent this today

The Scale of the Universe

Really really cool.

Every few months I think I want to try the new Reminders list on my iphone. Then I realize that not only do I not have Siri, but the app doesn't let me use landscape to type (seriously? WTF apple?) And the location based reminders are so not ready for prime time yet.

I figure in about 5 years it will be fantastic. Right now it's just meh. Oh well.

One of my friends sent me this link. I really need at least one of these, if not an entire army of them for my garden...

Combat Garden Gnomes.

Awesomeness. Sheer awesomeness.

My husband found that some web sites he visits have video ads that run whenever you hit the site, a feature that is downright irritating. He is using ad block plus on Firefox and the ads still run. (even more irritating).

After a bit of investigating I found that under tools in the browser bar, there is an entry for Ad Block Plus. One can open a window of "blockable items" and you can scroll down through the list and look for links with swf. Then you can block their happy little asses.

I hate those wankers. I don't mind unobtrusive print ads but I loathe blinking ads or videos that run without my okay. They must all be stopped.

And last but not least in news you need to know...

Mating call of an extinct bush-cricket rings out again after 165m years

Why?  Well, because they can. Or maybe they find crickets sexy. Hard to say.

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February 01, 2012

I Wonder If I Could Break The Machine Just by Thinking Hard

I saw a link to this story today:

Mind-Reading May Be Reality Soon

By looking only at maps of electrical activity in the human brain, scientists were able to tell which words a person was listening to. The discovery is a major step toward being able to "hear” the thoughts of people who can’t speak.

Okay so this is something they are working on for a good cause.  Really I could see this being a wonderful thing for many people.

Then my brain veers off into.... what if land. 

What if they finally get a workable machine then install them in airports.  I mean they already do the strip scan because anyone traveling is considered totally bonkers.  (well really, don't you HAVE to be totally bonkers to want to fly anywhere these days with airports being like humongous cattle ranches... you can hear TSA now "Line 'em up boys, time for branding!")

Anyhow, where was I... oh yeah.  They install these things in airports and damn if that wouldn't cut down on the crowds.  They'd be hauling people out of line right and left.  Jails would overflow.

Come to think of it... might make air travel nice again.

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