April 12, 2012

Keeping You Informed

Very soon we will know if man can really head out into space for long periods of time.

Malt whiskey experiment aboard the ISS


Sometimes you just get lucky

He wasn't wearing a seatbelt


Always remember to read carefully before buying something online.

Robot Books: Google this


Study confirms not enough sleep raises diabetes, obesity risks

I'm waiting for them to do a study that will tell us "Study confirms: eating raises obesity risk".


Sharpen your brain.

Make mine a double

Although I found it interesting they felt the need to add a completely unsubstantiated comment about sleep being just as good at the end of the article. After all, they have to be politically correct - right? heh.


And if you ever wondered how a news media mistake along with sloppy attention to detail can mess things up, this is a perfect example.

Update: Texas Fireball was Real After All, NASA Says

You'd think these people might have learned something from playing "telephone" as children... or maybe they didn't and that's the problem. heh.

Now are we ready for Friday?

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April 10, 2012

Smashing a Record

That would be the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers creating the largest Rube Goldberg machine, smashing their old record.  Using 300 steps to blow up a balloon and pop it.


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April 02, 2012

Stuff in the News

Saw this today

Is the NSA's massive new spy center watching you?

I don't know, but if they are, could they please tell me what I did with my keys? You know this could be a useful service performed by the government...


But what if you want to build it yourself...

Scientists refine smart self-assembling building blocks

I know many a young boy who will be quite distraught if their legos start building by themselves.


Jetsons... here we come

Flying car gets closer to reality with test flight


If you have a Mac - there is a trojan floating around out there exploiting a java flaw

Mac Flashback trojan exploits unpatched Java vulnerability, no password needed

I just turned off Java on my system. Once they've patched it, I can turn it back on if I need it.


And it looks like there are some polite hackers out there.

Hackers politely deface security firm website, suggest fixes

Nice to know that some people can be polite. heh.


Have a nice evening.

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