March 09, 2014

More Travel Fun

Last weekend I was on the road again.  Had to hit the office to do some work (which led to an entire week of fixing things and thus no time to blog about the trip) then seeing the kids, and of course the annual Oscar party which is always a delight.

As per usual  I tried to take notes while in the zoos known colloquially as airports.   Enjoy.


Amazing how many people show up late to the airport and depend on the kindness of strangers to let them cut the line.

Seriously Logan... One security lane open?  One??? *sigh*

Tried to get food. Sadly lunch is not available until. 11am. Will have to wait 30 min. Don't want breakfast.

Power outlet fun at Logan.

Lady next to me is loudly complaining about being stuck in the middle seat. Not sure what anyone is supposed to do about it.  Her husband keeps saying he’ll be happy to trade seats with her. Then she says "No No you already sat in the middle seat on the flight out, it’s my turn”. Okay then… time to shut up about it.  

Nice not having the harping about turning off electronics before take off.

My heavens the woman next to me is antsy. I thought I had a hard time sitting still!!! She also takes up quite a bit of room. If she was taller I would have had an elbow in my face a moment ago.  

Chicago totally cloud covered. No pics. Oh well.  

Return trip

Car rental return... man with the white winter coat.  I am all admiration! Whenever I try to wear white I get it dirty immediately.  Not only are you wearing a long white winter coat... it is clean.  I bow to you!

No seats at the wine bar but I outwitted them and had a glass of wine at Chili’s.

Boarding went well. This can not go unpunished. A small mechanical issue has delayed the flight. So far 10 min late. Not bad... Yet.

And we luck out - only a 20 minute delay.  Excellent.

Arrived Logan.  Have to say, it was worth it to pay slightly more for my seats so I could get on and off the plane easier.  Can’t afford first class, but early boarding, that I can do.

Totally oblivious man waiting for his ride. Dumps bags in middle of door walkway. Proceeds to leave them as he wanders around talking on his cell. Keeps walking past door sensor. Open, close, open, close… let’s bring in LOTS of cold air. Finally his ride arrives and he dithers back and forth over which bags go where while the car blocks the bus lane. Good job all around dude!

Slowest shuttle bus driver… ever. I suppose the guy is being careful, but wow.  

And back to car.  It’s there, it starts.  All is good.  

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February 03, 2014

Super Bowl Flyover

If you were watching Fox as the Super Bowl was getting under way, you might have noticed the 2 second shot of blackness that was supposed to be Army Apaches and Chinooks doing the flyover.  They didn't even rate a vocal shout out from Joe Buck or Troy Aikman both of whom were too busy with other things to notice. 

But now you can see the entire flyover as seen from inside one of the Chinooks from the 101st Airborne.  Enjoy. 

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January 29, 2014

House Projects Galore

I was commenting to someone the other day that Home Improvement projects are for saps.  This is why my husband and I tend to wait as long as we can stand it before wading in and fixing things.  Well, this is the year we start fixing stuff. Heaven help us.

The thing that kicked it all off was our old hot water heater dying a sudden and very wet death... leaking all over the floor and onto the carpets death. Since we had to get it replaced fast (I don't like living without hot water available) and the carpets suffered from that whole "wet dog" smell thing, we decided the flooring would need to be replaced.  But... the furnace was getting up in years as was the a/c.  Before putting in something nice on the floor, it was time to get those things taken care of first.  And so the adventure begins...

We had a new furnace install started at the end of November. It was supposed to include a heat pump/ac unit, but that never got installed before the really cold weather hit.  Now we have to wait until it warms up. Oh joy.   The good part, they have got the furnace itself installed, so the big item has been carted through.  The heat pump/ac unit sits outside. 

The problem is, the way our house was built. 

They finished the basement.  This is usually considered to be a selling point until you realize they finished off all the bits where one needs access to fix things or add new things.  *sigh*  Contractors will shrug and say "we'll just drill a hole through the foundation"...  Ummm... NO!  Double NO in that they always want to do this under the porch where it's nearly impossible to get at and who knows what bugs and small animals live there that will just love access to the house.  GAH!

To get round this problem, we had to rip stuff down. Since October a closet and the bathroom in the basement have had only partial ceilings.  Had to pull parts down so we could run a new coolant line for the a/c not to mention a new air intake for the heater.  They started the install very late because the guy giving us estimates, etc was just slow (the entire process having started in September).  

Jump to today and I have an electrician here trying to get the air intake fan to work correctly.  I figured it was a matter of simple wiring as to why it wasn't working correctly (it only comes on with the hot water heater not with the regular furnace).  But no... the entire process took 3 hours!  Wow.

And because we like to moosh everything together (thus making life far more interesting than normal), in about a week and a half we will be having new floors installed in the basement.  The old hideous carpet - that will be gone.  A thing of the past. 

While carpet is nice and warm in a basement, it does not play well with dampness or bugs, both of which like basements.  Our basement isn't particularly damp, but we did have the unexpected flood from the hot water heater. Add to that, we live in a forest and forests have bugs... even when you spray to keep them out. You can see where this is going. 

Then, of course. we had to pick out what we wanted on the floor.  This was also easier said than done.  Many options are cut out simply because it can't be installed below grade.  Then there is color matching because, damn if I want to paint baseboards!  Hopefully we picked the right thing.  The boxes were delivered yesterday.  We moved half the boxes last night and will move the other half tonight from the garage to the basement (they need time to acclimate).  We have already started moving our stuff so the work can begin.  They can move the larger furniture from one side to the other, but 7 book cases needed to be emptied, a table brought upstairs, the television will be moved over the weekend, etc etc.

It's amazing how much stuff can be fit into 2 rooms.  While I know it will soon be moved back to those rooms, during "construction" we would like to be able to move around in the rest of the house without tripping over too much stuff.  Thus we have a logistics puzzle.  The extra week before installation is good. We have more time to work it out.

So where are we to date?  We have holes in the ceiling in 2 rooms, we have 5 book cases worth of books and stuff moved out and distributed upstairs, and we finally have a working fan for furnace air intake.   Still 2 more bookshelves to empty, 2 file cabinets to empty and move upstairs and last of all the television and components (that will be the real fun part).

Once the new floors are in, there may even be pictures.  Old and new so you can contrast and compare.  I have a sneaking suspicion I will like the bamboo far better than the current golf green carpet in my office. We shall see.

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January 24, 2014

My how time flies

Ten years ago today I wrote my very first blog post over at typepad. 

Thirty years ago today the Macintosh computer was introduced to the world. 

There is no connection. 

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December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

As always I am delighted to be around to see the old year out and the new year in.  

Here's to a wonderful 2014!

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December 29, 2013

Rambling between the holidays

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.  I have been partially injured and while not quite sidelined, not up to par.  

In my love of symmetry, I have a forward displaced right shoulder (the head of the humerus is slightly pushed forward for some unfathomable reason).  And a left ingrown toenail that needed to be fixed.  

The shoulder has caused quite a bit of arm pain when rotating my arm in certain directions.  I kept thinking I had pulled something but it wasn't getting better.  So I am now getting some PT for it that seems to be helping.  Slow but sure. 

The toenail required a bit of doctor intervention.  After several weeks of soaking and TLC it was not improving.  Got that attended to the day after Christmas.  Have to wear my old shoes or slippers in the house and wear my mukluks when out walking (even though it's not nearly cold enough for them).  It is, like the shoulder, healing up slowly but surely. 

I shall call this the "slow Christmas".  I had wanted to do a number of things while my husband had time off.  But we're just taking some slow time and not doing much of anything.  Not a bad way to go I suppose.

Everyone have a lovely New Year, party safe, be careful driving, and have fun.  Once the arm is better I have some plans for the upcoming year.  Not going to say anything yet... in case nothing comes of it, don't want to say I'll do something then not do it. 

Hope to be back before so much time has elapsed with some other exciting posts because I know the people who still stop by are looking for all that excitement here.  

Now off to stretch the arm.  The fun never ends. 

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December 14, 2013

More Mac App Stuff

My last post had the apps I use every day.  Today's post is about  those apps that get used less often by me but may also be something you'd need in your own life. 

Popclip - is a cute little app that makes copy/paste work a bit differently and easier.  I use it for the basic copy/paste, but also to quickly send text to Evernote.  There are other actions that can be added to the list.  You can try it for free, so check it out.  I forgot about this when I was making the list for the other post, I use it often during the day and it's so easy - I don't even remember it's there! 

PDF Pen or PDF Pen Pro - If you have to work on many a PDF, you should really look into Smile's choices.  As an added bonus, they make a PDF editor for the iPad too which can come in very handy as it will sync over iCloud to your Mac.  Preview does some basic PDF editing, so if all you need to do is add some text to a document and sign it, that may work for you.  But if you ever need more, PDF Pen would be the first choice.  

I will say right now, my PDF editing skilz are really bad.  I use them so seldom, I always have to figure it out every time.  I did run across one document that I couldn't get to work in PDF Pen (it might well have been my fault for not knowing the tool and how it works).  It was a doc that was using some sort of specialized fields that would add up - seems it would work in Adobe, but I couldn't get it to work in PDF Pen.  If you need a PDF editor or creator, it's way way way less expensive than Adobe and uses far less of your computer resources. 

Scrivener - this is the most awesome tool ever if you need to create a written project of any kind.  It does so much it's hard to know where to start (they even have Windows version now).  For one thing, I would take this over the current version of Pages - period.  You can import all kinds of documents edit, export them, and (unlike the hamstrung version of Pages that is not quite ready for prime time) it just works.  You can try before you buy.  Check out the website for all the ways you can use this.  Best bit of money for a writing tool you could ever spend.  

Cobook - I got this a while back.  I like the interface better than the Contacts.  It is free for use on the iPhone/ipad, but you do have to pay for the Mac version.  Whether it has features you want or not, would be up to you.  I have found it a bit sticky when trying to sync to my i-devices.  Cobook automatically adds stuff to your Contacts on the Mac, but I have found I need to open Contacts over on my i-devices, sync them, then they appear in cobook over there.  I do like the fact that I can send out contact info very easily via my iPhone.  Have a look, see if it appeals.  If you have an iPhone/ipad try the free versions first (the Mac app store doesn't allow free trials  which is annoying).

Speaking of contact info, Evernote just added an updated feature on iPhones/ipads to process and format business card info.  If you are constantly receiving business cards, this may be of interest to you.  They also added a presentation mode so you can pull together fast presentations then use Evernote as the presenting platform (premium user feature).  Check it out.  

Evernote also has Skitch which is free. It allows you to mark up photos among other things so you can easily show someone something via a photo rather than a long winded email. 

Last of all I have to say, that while Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are okay for basic uses, if you need advanced features like... oh say being able to see a document that includes tables... these should NOT be your number one choice.  If you have the old versions, they are up to the task, but if you only have the brand new versions, do not rely on them!  I found out the hard way that the new Pages is a really really dumbed down version of the old one.  I realize Apple has an agenda and the functionality will return eventually, but right now, it sucks pond water.  

For now when it comes to documents, Scrivener will be my app of choice.  I don't get many spreadsheets or I would have to go with the Windows tools on the Mac.  There is no real substitute now that they have dumbed down Numbers too.  For presentation, I would go with Evernote unless you have to do something really fancy.    

This is just a heads up to let anyone who has just moved to Mac know that iWork tools may be "free" but right now that doesn't get you much.  I expect them to improve them over the next year like they did with Final Cut X, but you may not have a year to wait to get somethings done.  Better to know there might be a problem and plan on how to get round it. 

I think this covers most things. If something else occurs I will add another post.  

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December 11, 2013

My little Mac world

After Allan's comment in my last post (he just got a new macbook - woohoo!). I thought I would run through the stuff I have on my mac that I find essential.  Without these apps, my mac would be far less fun to use. (do remember I collected all of these a bit at a time not all at once!)  

First I will repeat what I said in my comment...  

Learn the keyboard shortcuts!  It will save soooooo much time if you don't have to use the mouse all the time.  Over at Mac Geek Gab on the last podcast, they posted a link to a keyboard cheat sheet.  When I was figuring this stuff out, I had to go search for the ones I wanted. Wish I had found this about 4 years ago! 

Next - go check out Don McAllister's Screencasts Online.  Don does a fantastic job, you can try it out before committing to it, and he is the world's nicest guy ever (yes I have met him in person!).   He has an entire series on Mavericks, so if you have upgraded, go have a look!

I hope everyone has some sort of backup application. I use Crashplan, but there are many out there. If you are not backing up your data, you will lose it.  So figure out a way either with a pay for service, a backup drive, several free services over the net... whatever you have to do - find something that will keep a copy of stuff you don't want to lose. 

Now on to the essential apps: I couldn't decide which one of the first two should be 1 and ended up saying they both are... 

1a.  Alfred.  If you do nothing else, go check out Don McAllister's screen casts on Alfred.  It simply makes your mac fantastic.  Seriously fantastic.  A few keystrokes and voilà! You can do anything.  

1b. Busycal - you can get this in the mac app store.  Apple's calendar really sucks wet socks. Seriously.  I hate it.  I originally bought this because I could change the fonts so I could see my entries. It is fantastic.  

2. Mail tags - Mail Act-on  for use with  Yes, I use and these things make it work for me.  They are working on the next release (which I will have to pay for - but I will because I love them so much I don't want to live without them). 

3. Omnifocus - this one is not for everyone just because of the price.  I have it on all my devices (yes I forked over the cash for it - it was so worth it to help me get my projects together and keep things going).  I know there are other things that are "free" (although you do get what you pay for!) and other todo type apps have wandered onto the scene, but I have been using this for about 4 years now and I love it. 

4. Evernote - it keeps everything (except maybe tax returns LOL).  I can copy/paste, drag/drop, email, web clip, scan - stuff I want to keep.  It's fantastic and it can be free (without all the features, but still very very good).  They even make it easy to get the premium for a month, do some of the high end feature stuff, then drop the premium, but you still keep the stuff you've done.  Pretty cool. And they have a fun podcast too.
5. 1Password - If you don't have a password manager, you have huge trouble waiting to happen.  Not only does this store passwords, it fills out forms, stores credit card info, stores secure notes, stores software licenses.  Don't wander onto the web without it. It is awesome.  

6. Text Expander - this saves so much typing time even for seemingly minor things. Some key strokes are so much easier than others... create a snippet.  Some words I always spell wrong... create a snippet.  Some emails I send over and over - create a snippet.  Endless uses.  

7. Command Q - if you use the keyboard like I do, you will manage far too often to Quit an application rather than close a window (CMD+Q  and CMD+W are right next to each other on the keyboard). This app does one thing and one thing only - makes it necessary to hold the Q on CMD+Q for a few extra seconds so you don't accidentally close something you want to keep open.  

8 iStat Menus - gives you lots of extra info on how your mac is behaving, right on your menu bar.  Especially on my old mac, I used it all the time to keep track of when I was over taxing the memory and cpu.  On my new one it's not so essential, but I'm so used to using it, I moved it over. 

9. Hazel - if you have routine stuff that is annoying to do you can usually create a rule in Hazel to get it done.  Empty the trash on a regular basis, move files out of the download folder, there are many things it's nice to automate and Hazel makes it easy.  

10. F.lux - this is a freebee and it's lovely.  As night falls, flux will adapt the screen color to be easier on your eyes and brain. Get it. You'll be happy you did.  

11. Dropbox - this is nice for moving files around works beautifully.  I only use the free 2GB it gives me, but it has come in handy more than once. When I had a Windows machine, I used to let 1Password live there, but now that I only have a mac, I moved 1PW to iCloud.  

12. Bartender - last but not least.  It seems every app has stuff that wants to live in the menu bar - to the point, you just can't see all of it especially on a small laptop.  Bartender to the rescue!  It cleans things up and keeps the ones you don't want to see all the time, out of sight. 

I think that's enough for now.  Have a look at these. There may be some you want to use yourself, others may not be for you at all.  But if you don't look, you'll never know. 

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December 08, 2013


My new Macbook finally finally arrived on Friday.  It took about a month because I didn't get an "off the shelf" model and for some reason, it's taking extra time to build special orders.  Oh well.

Must say I LOVE it.  It's very very fast.  All the apps open immediately, a reboot takes all of 20 seconds (shut down back to login screen).  Thank heaven!  My poor old iMac is so slow, it takes about 30 seconds just to open an app.  *sigh*

This is my first Mac laptop so some things are different than the desktop variety.  For one, I have enabled FileVault so if I have it with me when I'm out and about and someone steals it, they will have to get the files decrypted before they can do anything with it.  Gives me a little extra time to use the "find my mac" and erase everything.   Then there is the whole battery management thing. 

So far so good.  Now maybe I'll feel like getting more stuff done since I don't have to spend half my time waiting for the computer to respond to any request. 

My iMac?   I'm using that pretty much exclusively with Remote Desktop to my office stuff.  Great screen, stable connection.  All in all it's a win-win.  

I'm still fiddling with it. 

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November 22, 2013

A little joyfulness

This video is from last year, but I only just saw it and it makes me happy.  Beautifully done.  Turn up the volume, this is 5 minutes well spent.

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