January 29, 2014

House Projects Galore

I was commenting to someone the other day that Home Improvement projects are for saps.  This is why my husband and I tend to wait as long as we can stand it before wading in and fixing things.  Well, this is the year we start fixing stuff. Heaven help us.

The thing that kicked it all off was our old hot water heater dying a sudden and very wet death... leaking all over the floor and onto the carpets death. Since we had to get it replaced fast (I don't like living without hot water available) and the carpets suffered from that whole "wet dog" smell thing, we decided the flooring would need to be replaced.  But... the furnace was getting up in years as was the a/c.  Before putting in something nice on the floor, it was time to get those things taken care of first.  And so the adventure begins...

We had a new furnace install started at the end of November. It was supposed to include a heat pump/ac unit, but that never got installed before the really cold weather hit.  Now we have to wait until it warms up. Oh joy.   The good part, they have got the furnace itself installed, so the big item has been carted through.  The heat pump/ac unit sits outside. 

The problem is, the way our house was built. 

They finished the basement.  This is usually considered to be a selling point until you realize they finished off all the bits where one needs access to fix things or add new things.  *sigh*  Contractors will shrug and say "we'll just drill a hole through the foundation"...  Ummm... NO!  Double NO in that they always want to do this under the porch where it's nearly impossible to get at and who knows what bugs and small animals live there that will just love access to the house.  GAH!

To get round this problem, we had to rip stuff down. Since October a closet and the bathroom in the basement have had only partial ceilings.  Had to pull parts down so we could run a new coolant line for the a/c not to mention a new air intake for the heater.  They started the install very late because the guy giving us estimates, etc was just slow (the entire process having started in September).  

Jump to today and I have an electrician here trying to get the air intake fan to work correctly.  I figured it was a matter of simple wiring as to why it wasn't working correctly (it only comes on with the hot water heater not with the regular furnace).  But no... the entire process took 3 hours!  Wow.

And because we like to moosh everything together (thus making life far more interesting than normal), in about a week and a half we will be having new floors installed in the basement.  The old hideous carpet - that will be gone.  A thing of the past. 

While carpet is nice and warm in a basement, it does not play well with dampness or bugs, both of which like basements.  Our basement isn't particularly damp, but we did have the unexpected flood from the hot water heater. Add to that, we live in a forest and forests have bugs... even when you spray to keep them out. You can see where this is going. 

Then, of course. we had to pick out what we wanted on the floor.  This was also easier said than done.  Many options are cut out simply because it can't be installed below grade.  Then there is color matching because, damn if I want to paint baseboards!  Hopefully we picked the right thing.  The boxes were delivered yesterday.  We moved half the boxes last night and will move the other half tonight from the garage to the basement (they need time to acclimate).  We have already started moving our stuff so the work can begin.  They can move the larger furniture from one side to the other, but 7 book cases needed to be emptied, a table brought upstairs, the television will be moved over the weekend, etc etc.

It's amazing how much stuff can be fit into 2 rooms.  While I know it will soon be moved back to those rooms, during "construction" we would like to be able to move around in the rest of the house without tripping over too much stuff.  Thus we have a logistics puzzle.  The extra week before installation is good. We have more time to work it out.

So where are we to date?  We have holes in the ceiling in 2 rooms, we have 5 book cases worth of books and stuff moved out and distributed upstairs, and we finally have a working fan for furnace air intake.   Still 2 more bookshelves to empty, 2 file cabinets to empty and move upstairs and last of all the television and components (that will be the real fun part).

Once the new floors are in, there may even be pictures.  Old and new so you can contrast and compare.  I have a sneaking suspicion I will like the bamboo far better than the current golf green carpet in my office. We shall see.

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1 *waves*  ME!  it was me she was talking to.
was supposed to go get the plumbing permit for the gas line yesterday...... nope - snow falling and such - so today? nope - live on a tertiary road, no plowing and temps in the low 20s - tomorrow?  maybe.... then will they give me the permit or make me wait days for it?  who knows.  gas lines were originally to go in today - but health caused plumber switch - then to be tomorrow - but the permit thing - maybe Friday?  if I get the permit?  new counters scheduled for a week from Monday - but only if the stove has been installed by this Monday so final measurements can be taken...  call me sap.

Posted by: patti at January 29, 2014 02:58 PM (GEc+e)

2 LOL - Patti I think all us home owners are.  But there ya go. Once it's done then it's so nice... it's the doing it that will drive ya mad. They always make it look so easy on tv.  One hour and all is done even when they tell you it took 6 weeks, it never feels like it. Ha!

Posted by: Teresa at January 29, 2014 03:42 PM (pNn3I)

3 Yikes!  Hope the rest of the work is uneventful... and fast!

This is our year as well.. but every time I bring up a project, so much must be done in order for it to go ahead, that nothing has been started yet.

So I've moved on to the nasty bedroom carpets.. except my back is really bad right now, so why even visit the showroom to look at options?

How frustrating. At least I'm not the only one, though.

Posted by: pam at January 29, 2014 03:44 PM (Wce/n)

4 Home-improvement projects are rarely much fun, but can be rewarding ... IF you can get past the premature aging that they cause.

Posted by: Rev. Paul at January 29, 2014 04:25 PM (upyv2)

5 Pam - hope your back feels better fast! 

Paul - there is always hair color.

Posted by: Teresa at January 30, 2014 02:47 PM (p5djx)

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