September 26, 2006

I Don't Suppose We Could Just See the Football Game

I hear New Orleans won their first game back in the Super Dome last night. If you tried to watch the game though, you would have found none of the announcers were really interested in that, they kept wanting to have profound conversations about New Orleans. (one guesses it was to show what caring sensitive guys they were)

I was a bit ahead of things and managed to tune into part of the pregame show - I immediately changed the channel and watched something else until the game was set to start... 8:30... right? Oh silly me - tuned back over there and they were producing tons of supposedly entertaining graphic artistry. No game yet - tune out for a while as I have zero interest in perfoming musical entertainment cooked up for this big night - I was looking for football.

Somewhere along about 8:50 - the game finally got underway. I tuned back in just in time to see the (probably world famous by now) blocked punt that allowed N.O. to score their first touchdown. At this point, do the announcers talk about the great play and how it was done? NOOOO - we have to talk about what this means to the city of New Orleans, we have to hearken back to the "flood victims" we have to wallow in the drek. Ick - flip the channel.

Come back later, catch the next scoring play - a pass and run into the endzone. When one of the idiots in the booth said something to the effect of "I should have something profound to say at this moment, but I just can't think of anything". I turned off the game for good for the night.

It's a shame because it's nice to see N.O. playing excellent football for once in the history of the franchise. It would be nice to see players doing their thing and doing it well. In other words - a good football game is a pleasure to watch... but...

What I can't stand... the constant harping on Katrina and it's aftermath. All right already! I've got it! They had a hurricane and a flood and things have been bad. This is a football game - not a fund raiser for a city that's already gotten billions in aid and all the attention as Katrina victim number 1 - while the rest of the region gets little to no attention. We KNOW.

Your regular show isn't that fabulous to begin with - so let's go back to talking football during a football game - it would be a novelty I know, but if that Monday night game is any indication of the direction of the show - I won't be watching at all anymore.

Oh - and one last thing ESPN, CBS, and whoever else shows football games - especially in prime time. You have tons of time BEFORE the game starts to introduce the line-up for the night. The coaches have to have it in before the players hit the field. Quit cutting away from the action to show players introducing themselves and where they went to college. For that matter - why does their college matter anyway? Who else in the work world goes out and introduces themselves to the world as "Hi I'm Joe Smith, manager at Big Company, college was UMASS". They aren't in college anymore - they are pros - and this is football. If you want me to tune in - show me the game.

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1 Lets see if this comment sticks:

That;s why I watch most sports without the sound or tune into WFAN radio for play by play when I watch the game. I can't stand most of the commentators on tv.

Posted by: michele at September 26, 2006 02:39 PM (6xy/m)

2 My "favorite" part was the interview with Spike Lee that took precedence over actual football commentary. Don't think they could've picked a less appropriate guest.

Anyway, I agree with Michele. I'm a "watch TV & listen to the radio" kinda guy.

Or at least I *was* until I got Dish Network. Now the TV games are a full second behind the radio, which makes the experience intolerably asynchronous.

Posted by: Harvey at September 26, 2006 03:36 PM (L7a63)

3 The commentaters annoy me in general, but they were on a roll Monday night. Katrina was a year ago, It was a horrible tragedy, but I'm tired of hearing about it, and I'm tired of non-football related talk during the games. Their droll commentary is bad enough, but the prime time games are intollerable.

Posted by: Contagion at September 27, 2006 04:13 PM (0m/ho)

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