January 08, 2013

I need a larger purse

Duct tape... don't leave home without it!  You never know when it might come in handy.


CES is on.  The geek show to end all geek shows.  Ubuntu has a demo of a new phone, but they won't let anyone touch it.  I hope they keep a close eye on it, lots of geeks would love to get hold of it to play and they might not want to give it back. 


While it's maybe a nice thought, I'm pretty sure I don't want to watch the Super Bowl on my iphone... even though it goes everywhere with me.  Of course I know lots of kids probably think differently.  Ah me... to be an old fogey.


And of course the new Windows 8 doesn't like to play nice unless it's being used with a touch screen... so if you have an older computer, what can you do?  Buy a pen for it.  And we all know how well we keep track of pens... right?  Yeah. 


You are now up to date on the latest tech gadgetry.   

BTW if you have a yahoo email account... be aware it's got a big bug in it at the moment.  Please be careful.

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