March 08, 2011

More Teeth and Stuff

So I got my crown replaced today.  As I noted on FB... I would get a crown replaced on Mardi Gras.  Crowns, kings, all that jazz.  My brain does not work right I swear.

As I suspected, there was much amiss under the old broken crown.  My dentist was able (after 3 shots of numbing stuff) to get it all cleaned up, get a new crown made and installed.  Now my gums just have to heal up since they don't take well to all the poking and prodding.


There was a big story today about a shooting in St. Louis - Deputy Marshalls and police.  When I read the story I looked at the street name and thought "I know that name".   Then looked it up on google maps.  It turns out this is a couple of blocks down the street from where my cousins lived when we were kids.  My mother's sister and her family.  It wasn't a bad neighborhood not affluent, but not poor.  Huge old brick city houses. I used to wish for a big house like they had because the size was intriguing to me (we lived in a ranch house in the burbs).


I see the Prez decided to grace Boston with his presence today.  Wonder how many flights were delayed into and out of Logan so he could come visit a school. 


I checked again - no I can't get an iphone until my contract expires at the end of May.  Of course by then I may want to wait until the iphone 5... we'll see.


After sitting in the dentist chair for about 2 hours or so watching CNN, I can say without a doubt there are far too many people who wear clothes all the wrong color.  Anchor chick was wearing a "coral" color dress today.  I think she was looking to be all springlike.  Sadly it was just exactly the wrong color for her skin tone (at least on tv).  Then some other woman graced the screen wearing a purple top and a maroon jacket... seriously it made my eyes cross.


Oh well, that's it for now.  Yesterday I was buried under an email server and other fun things. I have clawed my way out, but I think it's time for a glass of wine to unwind.

More later if I can work up the energy.

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September 01, 2010

A Couple of Updates of Cats and Kindles

First off my daughter was able to pick up her cat from the vet last night.  They had shaved the side of his body to put the "pain patch" on him.  they had shaved a paw for an IV and he has a little gap in the front of his mouth where the tooth used to be.  

Of course she got him home and her other cat (Chase) freaked because Bailey smelled funny and started growling.  She ended up having to block Chase out in the living room for the night and keep Bailey in with her.  Hopefully after a day or two Chase will settle down. 

Ah the joys of cat ownership!

Second update.  So far I'm really loving this Kindle thing.  Way more than I expected. I think they said this new one is 50% clearer than the last gen.  I was reading last night and a couple of times forgot it wasn't a book until I tried to turn the page!   I also like that the keyboard on the bottom is one less row - the form factor works a bit better for me than the previous version did.  Many thanks to Cin for the links she put in the comments of my other post.  Some Kindle keyboard shortcuts - excellent to know these things.

So far 2 thumbs up! 

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April 16, 2008

Dull Boring Teeth Post

It's been quite a while since I blogged about the Invisilines.  Oh yes, they are still making my life fun and interesting.  I hadn't realized that the entire thing had been going on for so very long until I looked back at my category about teeth. 

If you really don't care about "the teeth" no need to read more - I put the rest below the fold.

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July 22, 2007

Before I Forget Again

I was just off to bed when I remembered I wanted to post this little tidbit from my Friday dentist appointment.

I was there for 2 reasons. The first to get my teeth cleaned, the second to have a new bracket put on yet again when the 3rd bracket broke off the week before.

Whenever the hygienist cleans my teeth, I get a goody bag with all the essential stuff - new toothbrush, tiny tooth paste, dental floss... the usual. So, this time, she's putting the bag together for me and she picks up the sample toothpaste and...

Her: You'll really like this new toothpaste, it's just great!

Me: Is it for sensitive teeth? I really have to have stuff for sensitive teeth.

Her: Oh yes, there's lots of fluoride in this, it's great for sensitive teeth.

(*** note that I already know that fluoride is good for sensitive teeth - another dentist told me this years ago when I complained about my teeth hurting so much... sorry we'll continue now)

Me: Oh good and samples sizes are so great for travel.

Her: Besides, this one is better than the other brand, the other brand uses a "chemical" for the sensitivity, this one uses "fluoride".

Me: Um... yeah... thanks I'll remember that.

No, I didn't laugh in her face although I was sorely tempted to.

And yes, the bracket has lasted up to tonight - I make no promises for the future, but so far things are okay. The new bracket is one the dentist "made" directly on my tooth instead of sticking on a separate piece. I'm just hoping the back bracket holds since it's a separate piece. Fingers crossed.

Now I MUST go to bed. We have workmen arriving tomorrow and I have to be up early. More on that later.

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July 20, 2007

Hold On...

Pixy has started the big move to Minx!!! (check out comment #10) While I'm sure there will be some buglets because there always are with this kind of thing... this should take care of so many problems that we have using MT. Hang in there - I am really happy to see we're finally getting there! The posting interface on Minx has so many many bells and whistles it will be forever before I figure them all out. But it will be soooo cool! Not to mention all the cool things that can be done with comments. Wheeeeeee!!!

On a different note. I just got back from the dentist. Now my teeth are clean and she actually made a bracket for my tooth instead of trying to attach a new one. We will hope that this one holds and cross our fingers that the back bracket (which is an attached bracket) actually stays on for the week. (that's what I need - one little week... geeze is that too much to ask???)

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July 13, 2007

More Teeth

If you read through my exhaustingly long and excruciating post about Chicago, you will have noticed at the very end I talked about teeth and brackets...

Well, I finally got through all the sets of Invisiline braces. Except that while my teeth look rather straight now (compared to what they looked like before) they also don't "fit" together quite right. I guess it's time for fine tuning. Ah what fun. The first thing to be done is that one tooth needs to be moved "down" into place.

In order for that to be done, the dentist put brackets on the front and back of the tooth and is using a rubber band stretched over the Invisiline to do the work.

The only problem is - the brackets.

They are plastic. (*big huge sigh*)

So the first day about 4 hours after the dentist visit, I want to remove the rubberband as I am partial to the occasional meal. I'm trying to pull the rubberband off gently when the damned front bracket snaps off! This was on Wednesday - the dentist is not in on Thursday - so I had a new one cemented in this morning. She was amazed... saying, "Usually it's the back bracket that breaks." Famous last words... heh.

Once again I decided I needed to eat. I went to take off the rubberband and this time - the BACK bracket broke off! Oh yeah, it's Friday the 13th... Luckily, she is in tomorrow, so I'm off in the morning to have the other one fixed.

I'm trying to decide how many times I should let this happen before insisting on trying something different. So far I haven't worn the rubberband longer than 4 hours. At this rate I'll spend every other day at the dentist and the tooth will never move.

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May 02, 2007

Teeth Again

I know I haven't done any Invisiline blogging in quite a while. Mostly because I forgot... and because there's not much to say. I am on set 12. Although "set" in this case is not quite right. Set 11 had the final bottom portion. Now I'm only moving the top teeth while wearing the same bottom set.

There is still one tooth on the bottom that is overlapping another. I don't know if that's correctable or not. On the whole my bite is still all wrong - I still have only 2 teeth meeting in the back when I take these things out. Because I have 2 more top sets to go - I'm hoping this changes.

One thing I did find out last time I talked to the dentist... there might be more sets done if things aren't right once we get to the end. Not that it matters much, but it would've been nice if she'd mentioned that in the initial consultation. It's my one pet peeve with professionals. I wish they'd write it down - go with a script so they don't forget to tell you things. They deal with it all the time, I don't. I like to know what's ahead. It didn't occur to me that my bite would change so much that my teeth wouldn't meet in the back or I might have asked about it. As they are the pros they should be able to give a heads up so you're mentally prepared.

Right now, I'm totally bored with the whole thing - they certainly are quite a lot of work. Yet I persist. I have spent quite a bit of time and money... and yes my teeth are much straighter. It remains to be seen how it all ends though. At the moment I'm not very optimistic that there will be enough movement to fix my bite in only 2 more sets. I might be wrong about that, but it just feels that way.

Or it could just be this rotten mood I'm in tonight is making me cranky... there's always that.

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March 24, 2007

Invisilines - Set 9

I'm a little late this week... usually I blog about this on Wednesday as that's the day I switch to the next set. Unfortunately, this has been such a screwed up and busy week, I just didn't get to it. Haven't gotten to much of anything for that matter. Then I forgot.

I guess I forgot because so far, this has been the easiest set I've had to wear. Not that they weren't very tight on the first day - they were. Just that after I got them on, they haven't caused much of any discomfort. Nothing is rubbing, they aren't bothering any tooth in particular when I remove them.

One thing I am finding, the upkeep is getting more annoying with the passage of time. The 9th set means these are weeks 17 and 18. I happen to get bored fast, but the alternative is to stop - which would be a HUGE waste of money (not to mention all the time invested so far). It won't be much longer and I don't have to wear them all day every day. When I can leave them off during the day, I'll be much happier. It's just the constant upkeep of pulling them out to eat, brushing, putting them back in... should I wait and eat later... can I drink "this" and then put them back in without brushing... yada, yada, yada.

And so it continues. OTOH - unlike the younger girls in the dentist office I am sticking to the program. I can't understand why someone would want to do things to drag out the process even longer. Seems ridiculous to me.

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March 08, 2007

Invisilines - Set 8

Yesterday I started my 8th set of Invisilines. This time I had a slight change of routine.

Because I knew I would be at a seminar all day and not doing my usual thing (lurking about my house... typing on my computer) I decided to wait until I got home before putting in my new set for the next 2 weeks. Generally, I start the day with a new set. I put them in while I'm still nearly asleep and by the time I wake up sufficiently, I can feel the pressure on the teeth. But I'm generally too tired to remember how tight they seem immediately.

Ah the haziness of a near-sleep experience.

In any case, I didn't think it was such a great idea to start a brand new set when I would be doing something completely out of the ordinary. This means I put them in about 6pm when I finally got home and got a chance to change things.

I think I like changing them far better in the morning. Maybe it's because I was up and about for most of the day, but this set seemed very tight from the moment I put them on. More than usual. I figure that's because my teeth and I had been up all day and we were used to the status quo - not really wanting to have it changed so late in the day.

Otherwise this set has been remarkably free of irritants. Slowly, slowly, the teeth are moving. My bite is still off, but as long as I can eat, I'm happy.

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February 21, 2007

A Tip...

Buy Ibuprofen stock. Lately I've been eating the stuff like candy... too bad it isn't chocolate flavor.

So after 4 days of an annoying headache lingering in the background of my head, today I wake up headache free, but it's time for the next set of Invisilines... Oh goody. It's set number 7 the half way point! And, as usual, they're back to being very tight.

For the first time I found out that the lower portion of the Invisilines only have 11 different molds. The top has 14. So, I'm more than half way through getting the bottom teeth straight. Interesting. I can't figure out why I didn't know that before. I'm also having a difficult time believing the bottom teeth will be straight by then - they have a ways to go... so we'll see.

Now I'm back to a few days of teeth moving. Of course adding travel on top of it just makes things more fun. I leave for Chicago tomorrow. I hope the clothes I packed are warm enough... or maybe I should save time and start shivering now.

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