November 17, 2012

Keeping busy

Not sure if it's been fun or exciting, but it's been a busy week. 

Found a couple of things I've been looking for but hadn't yet run across in two different areas.

First I found a website via the paleo people called Steve's Original.  For ages I have been looking for any kind of "energy bar" type of thing that doesn't have additives and preservatives and other crap I can't eat.  This was a recommended site via one of the paleo blogs.  I looked it over and ordered one of their regular samplers and also a seasonal sampler. 

Holy moly!!!!  Absolutely wonderful stuff.  The krunch bars are fabulous, the various jerky packets are delicious. The cereals... yum!  I will be ordering some of their Paleo MRE's which last 2 years (unless I eat them first!) for emergency rations. 

Definitely super fantastic food.  I am truly amazed and delighted. I'm even going to put their link on my sidebar, I like it that much.  (no I don't get a thing for doing it, I just want to make sure they get some business because they provide a great product - fast delivery too).


Next up, my sister was looking for an inexpensive scanner.  Something small and portable and easy to use. 

In this same vein I am an avid user of Evernote.  In the Evernote trunk I found the perfect thing.  The Doxie scanner. It's powered via USB so you need to use a powered USB port for it to work correctly.  I got one for myself and it was a piece of cake to get it up and running on both my mac and windows machines.  It also scans directly to Evernote which is even better! 

They make a completely wireless type, but it's much more expensive.  Decided to pass on that for now.  In general wired mostly works better.

*** update:  I should note that for some totally unexplained reason, the scanner has pink hearts - no idea why nor do I care as long as it works... but this design feature may bother some people. I believe I saw a mention of stickers to cover the hearts somewhere, maybe on the home page of the scanner.  When I remember where I'll post a link.

***update 2: I had a look and the decals were supposed to come with it. I don't see them, only some blank white sheets in cellophane.  Wonder if they forgot to send other decals. Oh well - don't really care. heh.


Last of all I finally signed up for netflix at least for the winter.  I can't find everything I'd like to watch via streaming, but certainly enough to keep me occupied while it's cold and dark outside.  Not bad. 

That's it for now. Time to go chill with a netflix show of some type.

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