June 18, 2009

Ladies... Do You Have A Shape?

I mean are you shaped like a woman and not a stick thin boy?  Do you have trouble finding clothes to fit?

I'm gonna guess the answer it yes. 

I was just reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about a new line of jeans created for women with an actual shape!  I hope the link works - you may have to be a subscriber to see the article - I have no idea.  Can't remember if WSJ is free now or not online.

One group of entrepreneurs is trying to tap into this longing for clothes that fit with a new line of jeans. Cookie Johnson, wife of basketball legend Magic Johnson, says she has struggled for years to fit what she calls her "healthy size 8" frame into ill-fitting jeans. Initially, her solution was to cover up the pinched or protruding parts with a long tunic. "You get to the point where you think it's you -- you think, I shouldn't have eaten that extra cracker," says Ms. Johnson. But then, she decided to take matters further, designing her own denim jeans for curvy women.

Bless the woman!  Unfortunately they aren't cheap. *sigh*  It's always something.  However, I have seen these articles coming out periodically for a while now - with the down economy, it may just work in our favor and the tide may turn.  In fashion, change starts at the top.  I'm guessing if these do well, we'll see less expensive lines for those who can't afford high end prices.  Therefore, I shall attempt to do my part to help things along.

Apparently Nordstrom's is carrying the line - CJ by Cookie Johnson.  We have a Nordstrom's near enough that I might make an excursion on Sunday morning (best time to go there parking is a breeze) and check them out.  I need a nice looking pair of jeans.  I currently have a couple pairs of Lucky Brand - but they aren't at all dressy not to mention I always have to wear a belt with them just to make sure they stay up where they should.

It's been years since I've gotten a pair of jeans that actually fit right.  Like shoes, you find something you like and then the style changes and next time you look, you're out of luck.

If I can find my size (which is a 12 by the way - has been for years and years) I will let you all know. The online store says the inseam is 34 inches - which is generally what I need.  We shall see.  I am hopeful - maybe foolishly so.

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