July 11, 2013

Some bright news

On the gene-therapy front, I saw this article today at Ars Technica.

Two successful gene therapy trials block inherited diseases in humans

If only most research money was spent funding stuff like this rather than studies such as:

Eating fruits and vegetables tied to longer life

Yes, someone got paid to pull this kind of "study" together and publish it. 


At least someone is doing some much needed real curative work!

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July 03, 2013

Tick Tick Tick

Having seen 2 different stories in the last 2 days, I decided someone wants me to pass this on to anyone who is still wandering past here.

It's all about the tick and Lyme disease and... well, here's the story I saw yesterday.

Lyme isn't the only tick-borne illness

There's a new bacteria in town and if you live in tick infested areas, you should know about it as your health may depend on it.

Then today Chris Kresser published a podcast (with transcript) of an interview he had with a noted Lyme disease researcher, Dr. Sunjya Schweig. They talk about Lyme, other Lyme type diseases, the controversy surrounding the disease, and its treatment.

Diagnosing and Treating Lyme Disease

It's a lengthy interview and very well done. I highly recommend checking it out either by listening or reading the transcript. You will then be armed with information if you have to deal with Lyme disease or one of the offshoots.

Now if we could just be rid of ticks...

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August 05, 2011

Chocolate... oh yeah...

Found the link via Instapundit

Chocolate Compound Epicatechin Boosts Exercise Benefit

Eat some dark chocolate (not the nearly worthless milk chocolate) and take a long walk.

Oddly enough my husband was given a Hershey bar in honor of the birthday of a coworker's little girl.  I haven't touched a Hershey bar in years, so decided to try one little square.  It was dreadful! Truly dreadful.   Sickly sweet and a metallic aftertaste.  My husband agreed.

We threw out the balance of the bar.  I think that's the first time I've ever thrown out chocolate... but honestly it didn't even taste like chocolate to me. Ick!

I need to stop and pick up an organic dark chocolate bar tomorrow!  Now I know it will make me live longer or exercise better... or something.  But at the very least it will taste really really good. heh.

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August 29, 2010

Speaking of Cats - Updated

Update of good news:  aka make up your friggin' minds already!  Looks like Bailey hit his head very hard.  His eyes are swollen and he had to have a tooth extracted, but after further review, it was determined his jaw was fine.  Quite a relief, but man it took long enough to find out!  She'll be able to take him home tomorrow after work.  Woot!

In case you are wondering, my daughter insists she has 2 klutz cats.  They are very large (not fat - just tall, long and 15 pounds each) and she says neither of them has any balance nor do they ever land on their feet.  Bailey probably fell after jumping onto one of the high cabinets in the kitchen.  That would make the most sense out if this.  Wonder if it will keep him from climbing... only time will tell.


My daughter's cat (Bailey) has managed to dislocate his jaw.  How?  She has no idea. 

She was away from home last night and when she returned this morning, she thought he had broken a tooth.  He was panting and drooling.  She called the emergency vet - their advice... well, he'll be okay.  If he isn't better tomorrow bring him in. 

She called them 2 more times, they kept telling her it would be okay... She finally told them that she obviously wasn't comfortable with the way the cat was holding his mouth and she was going to bring him in. 

She gets him to the office where the vet looks at the cat, orders x-rays, and says... "Well, it looks like his jaw is dislocated, why didn't you bring him in earlier?!!!" 

Good grief!

Since it was already after 9pm, her other cat won't leave this poor guy alone, and she would have to take him right back over there first thing in the morning, she decided to leave him at the vet's for the night.

The surgeon will see him in the morning.  She has a huge 12 hour day of presentations she is supposed to give at work all day tomorrow. 

Did I say Good Grief? 

Guess I'll find out what's up sometime tomorrow.  In the meantime send all good thoughts Bailey's way.  He's a sweet cat. I'll be worrying about him all night.

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September 07, 2009

Two Months

How time flies. Today marked 2 months since I had my thyroid surgery.  Now I know you're all wondering... well?  how's it been?  (or maybe not,  I have no idea).  That means, of course, that I'm going to tell you.

I don't have the least interest in digging back into my archives to find out what I said when or if I even mentioned some of the issues.  Therefore, I'll recap and/or add extra stuff all in one post.

If you have no interest - pass on by.  If you want the rest, it's below the fold.


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July 06, 2009

On the Other Side

So I'm back from my partial thyroidectomy.  Still have a leetle too much happy juice to be typing well.

Everything went fine.  Looks like Dracula got ticked off and went after all portions of my neck... otherwise I'm good. 

Funny thing is - I woke up in recovery and the nurse asked if I was in pain.  Not being exactly coherent I said yes.

Problem is, the pain was a migraine!  So she gave me a dose of narcotic something or other.  This stuff does NOTHING for my migraines.   I'm still in pain, but I don't care - loopiness to an even greater degree than normal sets in. 

When I realized what she did, I told her it wasn't going to work.  Bless her heart (wonderful nurse) asked what I usually take for migraines.  I said ibuprofen.  She called the doc who ordered an IV dose of the stuff - which is called something else in IV form, but will stick with the name everyone knows for blog purposes (especially as I can NOT think of what it is called right this minute). 

Let's stop here and bow our heads with reverence to the pharmaceutical companies who make these meds.  They are wonderful!

After she gave me a dose of that, all I could think was..."I WANT THIS AT MY HOUSE!!!"  It is outstanding stuff!!!  15 minutes later - headache gone.  I'm feeling good good good. I don't care about narcotics one bit - give me some IV ibuprofen any day of the week. 

My throat is a bit scratchy, my mouth is dry as dust,  but I can move my head around without any pain.  I get to go see the doc tomorrow for my post op visit. 

So far excellent.  Far better than I would have thought. 

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June 20, 2009

Expect Many Disgruntled Reporters

It seems Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple in case you didn't know) has pulled a fast one on every tech and financial reporter in the country. 

He had a liver transplant 2 months ago and only tonight the WSJ has the breaking story.

I don't know how he did it, but he managed the entire thing in complete secrecy.  I wonder if the hospital staff got  iPhones or something for not mentioning his name...

Congratulations Steve!  For not only pulling a fast one on every reporter out to drag up the drek (YAY!), but for coming through the surgery and recovering nicely! 

Way to go! 

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May 14, 2009

By The Way

Just found out the thyroid biopsy was benign - exactly as I expected.

Next up - appointment with a surgeon at the end of the month to get the nodule removed. 

I still don't have time for this, but at least it may get rid of this annoying need to clear my throat all the time. 

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October 14, 2008

How Not To Start the Week

Y'know, this getting old business sucks pond water.  Really.  I'm not even sick and this year's checkup and testing has been far more trouble than the end result of "oh, you're okay" seems to warrant.   Sheesh. 

The rest below the fold for those totally not interested or those who prefer to skip any mention of medical tests.


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July 14, 2008

And He's The Energizer Bunny

Talked to the nurse this morning.  She took care of my dad on Saturday and so she was able to evaluate any changes.  It seems he's much improved.  He's sitting in a chair and talking a little. 

She said he would probably be discharged in a couple of days.  Which means he'll have to go to a nursing home facility because I'm pretty sure he won't be able to get up and get around without a great deal of help - which my sister and mother aren't able to manage on their own. 

Oddly enough in my father's case, he'll probably enjoy being in a place with lots of other people to talk at.  When he's home, it's only my mother and sister. Not his favorite audience. 

In the meantime - I will be making plans to head out there this coming weekend.  There is much that needs fixing and isn't being fixed.  So I will be the one doing it... or it will never get done.  Part of this is my fault for letting things be when I was told "it's all taken care of".   Note to self: ask for proof. 

Let's just hope that all the messed up stuff is fixable.  I know some is - not sure about the rest. 

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