August 02, 2013

Another WW2 Veteran

In the annals of life stories, Squadron Leader Tony Gaze lived his life to the fullest and then some.  He has passed away at the age of 93. 

Squadron Leader Tony Gaze

A life well lived indeed.

Rest in peace sir.

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August 01, 2013

Remembering the Warsaw Uprising

A city remembers every year.

It's a video and it won't let me embed it. Oh well.  Very short under 2 minutes long. 

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May 23, 2013

I think this young woman will go far

Sabrina Brady - a high school student from Wisconsin, wins the competition for today's Google Doodle.  I don't often pay attention to these, but this one is excellent. The story and the doodle (if you haven't seen it) are posted in this WaPo article.

Go check it out.

Congratulations Sabrina!

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November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day

To all who have served in the military and kept us free.

Thank you. 

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June 05, 2012

WWII in Real Time

I just found they are tweeting WW2 in real time. Yesterday it was the evacuation of Dunkirk. If you want to follow, or just go read every once in a while, you can find them here


Of course they linked Sir Winston Churchill's most famous speech.

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March 07, 2012

A Story Has Ended

Blogging is an interesting world.  Communication moves in mysterious ways. 

Last night the news slowly came together that Captain Carroll "Lex" LeFon, known to so very many through his incredible blog Neptunus Lex, had been the pilot of a plane that had crashed in Nevada.   Even before the story went pubic, many in the milblog world were reeling with the news. I was told that background emails were exploding among the main core of military bloggers. 

No, there had been no authoritative word, but silence is telling and Lex's blog remained silent.  My dear friend Bou emailed to let me know what was going on. Like everyone else I started searching for a definite yes or no.  It soon became clear, even without the authorities telling us, the worst had happened. It was indeed Lex at the controls of the plane and he did not survive.

This morning I read Bou's post and I knew I wanted to say something from my own perspective.

...Reading about his drag chute malfunction, I put that I was glad I worked in a cube. In a response to one of his other commenters, I went the next step and said I didn't know how Lex did what he did.

And I stopped short, I actually erased the sentence I had next which was "And I don't know how his wife does what she does, knowing these things happen..."

I now think back to when I met Lex several years ago at a Milblog Conference.  I didn't know too much more about him than what he put on his blog.  So I knew he was a Navy Officer and he was a TOPGUN pilot.  After a few minutes of talking to him I realized... this... this is the personality Tom Cruise tried to pull off in the movie Top Gun.  Tried and failed. Completely and utterly.  

There was something, that little something, impossible for someone else to reproduce unless they happen to have that trait in their own personality.  Lex had it.  He was brilliant, a fantastic story teller, an incredibly talented pilot, and it was all pulled together by his personality.  His blog conveyed much of this to the world.  The fact that he could land a jet on a bobbing little platform in the middle of the ocean at night... that tells you all you need to know.  He knew what he wanted to do and was completely confident he could accomplish it.

Without that something, Lex would not have been the person he was.  I'm quite sure his wife married him for exactly these qualities and then made her peace with the fact that these same qualities would always put his life in danger.  To try and change him, no matter how much his job scared her, would have been to change the man and would have made him less than he was.  It would never work. 

Lex was 51.  Far too young to be taken from us.  My deepest condolences to his wife and family.  Tonight his friends will be lifting a Guiness in his honor.  There will be "...a helluva Irish wake in the milblog world today". 

May he rest in peace.  He will not be forgotten.


McQ has posted his thoughts at Blackfive.
Instapinch has posted his thoughts too.
HomefrontSix has her thoughts here.
CalTechGirl has her own memories.

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December 07, 2011

It's Been 70 Years

I wasn't born yet, my parents hadn't even met... but listening to this and remembering Pearl Harbor still makes me catch my breath and makes my heart twist.

We can never repay the debt to all the men and women who stepped up to fight for our freedom.  We never forget those who lost their lives that day. 

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November 13, 2011

The Bruins Do Veteran's Day Right

 I saw this on television last night because hockey rocks and I was ready to watch the game!   Yay Bruins and Yay NHL. Thank you for your support of our military!

Better yet, the Bruins got a win.  Great night of hockey for everyone.

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August 06, 2011

Keep them in your heart

If you haven't heard the news yet, a Chinook was shot down in Afghanistan today.

Afghan Chopper Crash Kills 31 U.S. Troops, 7 Afghans

This will be a very hard day for many many people. 

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July 01, 2011


As we celebrate the birthday of our great country this month, take a moment, if you are able, and give the gift of communication to a wounded soldier.

Soldier's Angels VALOUR-IT - Team Army!

Every little bit helps.  Thank you so much!

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