March 03, 2008

That Reminded Me

Today Sissy Willis included the lovely Renee Fleming and her rendition of the Ave Maria as she was grinding through a Typepad problem... (many of her old photos had disappeared when they moved her to the new beta software).  Better news tonight, Typepad found the bug and will be getting things restored shortly!!!

In the meantime, click over to Sissy's and listen to some beautiful music.

And because my brain tends to jump about, the video reminded me of one of my favorite movies... Mad About Music with Deanna Durbin (1938 - that was 70 years ago this year that the movie was released!!!).

Of course this led me to youtube to see if I could find Deanna's version of the Ave Maria sung in that movie. I had little hope as the movie has never been released on DVD (at least in this country).  But it turns out someone has posted the entire movie in 9 minute segments.  If I can't get the movie at least I can watch it on youtube. (TCM hasn't shown it since we got our DVR... *sigh*)

Therefore, I decided to post the segment  (the third one) that has the song in it.  You have to watch to the 2:35 mark before she starts singing.  It's a fun movie and I'm really glad to be able to see it again!

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February 17, 2008

Excellent Guitar Music for a Sunday Afternoon

I don't really keep track of music stuff.  So, maybe I'm the last person to hear about these two - Rodrigo y Gabriela.  My sister was telling me about them, so I went to youtube and checked them out. 

I am not a fan of the song Stairway to Heaven (sorry, it was just waaaaayyyy overplayed back when I was in high school) and that seems to be their most popular video - I didn't even listen to it.  But I did find this one, they are playing something called Tamacun. 

Have a look:

WOW!!! Fails to do it justice. 
Update: While I'm thinking about it - I expect the Elderly Brothers to be practicing up so they can play these at the next blog meet. 

And here's another:

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December 26, 2007

Oscar Peterson

I heard tonight he has passed away at the age of 82.  He was remarkably gifted and I will always regret that I never had a chance to see him perform live.  We are left with his recordings.  My favorite is A Summer Night in Munich, for some reason it just captures me every time I hear it.

Here is a small sample of his genius.

While your music is heard, you will never be forgotten.

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September 26, 2007

Amazon's New Music Store

You may have heard that Amazon is now officially in competition with iTunes. They have opened a DRM-less music store.  (this means, once you download the music, it's yours to do with as you will)

Tech.Blorge has a review and it sounds excellent. 

I'm not going to excerpt. If you like to download music, go read the whole thing.

Hat Tip Slashdot.

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August 20, 2007

PBS Pledge Drive - One Bright Spot

I pretty much loathe PBS and its pledge drives, but for one thing I will be thankful. When they bring in these accursed things, they almost always show this wonderful wonderful bit of music...

Roy Orbison and Friends: Black & White Night

It's currently in the middle of the show on our local PBS station and while they are all blathering I decided to blog about the show instead. Very likely one of the best musical features PBS has ever shown. Best part... Bruce Springsteen is totally outplayed on the guitar. It's a lovely moment near the end.

I need to buy this DVD.

In the meantime - here's the You Tube of Pretty Woman (the closing song naturally) and Bruce being outplayed by... I think it's T-Bone Burnett... just awesome.

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May 21, 2006

Thank You For Making Us Stars - Now Go Away!

Looks like the Dixie Chicks are out to use the tired old controversy of 3 years ago to sell their latest album.

By picking the defiant "Not Ready" as the first single, they've reopened a wound that was particularly deep for country radio fans, and left many country programmers with the burning question: Why on earth would the band choose to do this?

Because they want to sell albums and they think if they can get people riled up again, like they were 3 years ago - all the "cool" people will shell out money for the latest CD.

But if you are a Dixie Chicks fan, then I suggest you also note what Natalie Maines (one of them - not sure which and really don't care) had to say about the fans who shelled out their hard earned money for CDs and shows...

Maines was quoted in late January on, before the single went to country radio, saying: "For me to be in country music to begin with was not who I was ... I would be cheating myself ... to go back to something that I don't wholeheartedly believe in. So I'm pretty much done. They've shown their true colors. I like lots of country music, but as far as the industry and everything that happened ... I couldn't want to be farther away from that."

Maines also said, "I don't want people to think that me not wanting to be part of country music is any sort of revenge. It is not. It is totally me being who I am, and not wanting to compromise myself and hate my life."

What a sweetheart! Gosh, just think, all this time she's been making millions of dollars being something she's not. Guess she's been taking your money and laughing behind your back at what rubes you are. And here you thought she was an entertainer. How silly of you!

She's so much more sophisticated than that. After all, she bashed our President in Europe to a live audience in total sympathy with her... Knowing all the while that she would be able to come home and live in the United States without any government agent breaking in her door and hauling her off to prison. Such stunning stalwart behavior in the face of absolutely no danger leaves me speechless.

Here you see the American "nobility". Like her predecessors of a few hundred years ago, Natalie is saying "let them eat cake". She is now elevated enough to not have to worry about us little people down here.

If you are a liberal who is thinking you'd like to buy the new Dixie Chicks CD, because you think "she's on our side". You may want to learn the lesson shown here. Natalie is quite willing to use you as long as you have potential to boost her career. The moment she has no more use for you, what do you expect she'll do? Who will she be laughing at next? All the way to the bank.

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