February 16, 2010

Notes on the Games

So I sat down tonight from 10pm to 11pm Eastern time - prime time.  To see exactly what we're getting for tuning in to the Olympics.

I have to say taking notes on this stuff is about as boring as it gets.  Really.  Therefore, I'm going to spew them out exactly as I wrote them - below the fold so you can skip them if you like.  I was even generous and skipped the earlier hours where we were regaled by a travelogue about Polar Bears (did you know they were endangered in "some places"?  thank you Bob Costas for that interesting bit of folklore).  BTW - Bob Costas is the only guy I know who can take a winning moment and make everyone feel bad... it's a gift.  Instead of congratulating the winner and leaving it at that - he has to then pull in those who didn't win first and finish up by asking something along the lines of "wow - don't you think they feel terrible?" 

We also miss the 5 different interviews with Bode Miller who apparently didn't live up to NBC's expectations in the last Olympics and they are therefore going to ask him about 100 more times if he has a different outlook this time around and did he clean up his act.  

We enter the hour at the end of the 10th repetition of the Gold medal win for Alexandre Bilodeau - the Canadian gold medal winner, repeating yet again his "story".  I was okay with it the first time, but it's worn way way too thin. Okay I know he has a disabled brother, I know he skied for him, I'm good with that, can we move on now?

Mind you, it's not his fault and I'm glad for him that he won the medal - he deserved it, but how many times do we have to hear about it in the course of the first 2 hours of broadcast after we're on to other events?

Oh well... read on if you are so inclined.

It's 10pm and they are giving us all the schmaltz possible on Alex the Canadian gold medal winner. Play it up big for sighs and tears... Okay. All done.
Here go the notes (times are approximate and taken from the cable box):

10:01 Talky talky talky

10:02  Medal Ceremony - guys walk out
Bob Costas yapping a mile a minute
/begin me yelling at tv
Bob Costas - shut up!
Bob Costas - SHUT UP!!!
/end me yelling at tv
Canadian Anthem - Bob finally shuts his
mouth until it's over.

10:07 - Commercial

10:09 - Pairs skating - Russia - wow real competitors!

10:14  Commercial

10:17 - time to hype the Chinese #1 pairs skaters -  guy playing football with the coach  she stretches.  It's a thrill a minute.

10:18  Scores for Russia

10:19   Commercial

10:21 - time to do an "up close and personal" on the Chinese skater's coach.  His sacrifices to teach the skaters... much drama

10:23  Skaters warming up.  Again watching Chinese skaters warming up back stage.

10:25  Canadian skaters - actually get to skate!

10:30 - Done - bows

10:31  Commercial

10:32  Wait for Canada scores?  No, not important enough we only gave them air time because the games are in Canada - on to next skaters pair from China

10:39 - Done 

10:41 Back - get scores.  More backstage watching Chinese warm up

10:42  Skaters - Russian

10:43 Start 

10:47 Done - chat chat chat

10:48  Commercial
             Commercial (this one for
                                   tomorrow's games)

10:50 Backstage again watching Chinese skaters doing warmups

10:51 Skaters - Canada

10:56 Done
(depression medication commercials are depressingly long - they make me want to go beat my head against a wall to make them stop)
10:59  Back - scores - yes, scores for Canadian skaters! Backstage again to watch Chinese skaters - it's scintillating viewing.

11:00 yet another profile of Chinese #1 pair pushed at us.

I'm done. 


All in all about 25 minutes of actual competition. That is up from the previous 2 hours of the evening because it was the figure skating free skate. Their big draw.  But enough boredom between skates to make you want to scream.

I don't know - can't decide if it's worth it to watch all the garbage for the actual bits of competition.  The garbage annoys me but the Chinese silver medal winners skated beautifully.

It's a conundrum.

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1 I went to bed right after the Russian girl skater fell on her ass...

Posted by: patti at February 16, 2010 02:27 PM (ykXWv)

2 We stayed up & watched it, too.  The gold & silver medalists from China did very, very well, and deserved the win. The Russians were disappointing, but I won't waste time longing for the "good ol' days" of USSR domination - too much domination, in too many other areas.

Will I watch the men's competition tonight? Depends on how bored I get, with whatever else I can find to do.

Posted by: Rev. Paul at February 16, 2010 06:06 PM (0DZhf)

3 I do not have to tell you how I feel about Bob "bad dye job" Costas.

Posted by: Yabu at February 17, 2010 09:17 AM (VxNeS)

4 Sat through Wimmenz Curling, Japan vs. USA on one TV, and Girls Hockey, USA whipping Russia on the other (local players in that one) during post on-call martinis yesterday.  Snoozerama.

Posted by: Cappy at February 17, 2010 08:18 PM (4CYR6)

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