May 27, 2005

Overly Harsh?

It seems pretty clear on reading the news stories today that the "flushing" of a copy of the Koran, never took place. But, Tom McGuire has an interesting post up about the Koran and the guards at Gitmo. It seems that the MSM are selectively ignoring activities perpetrated by the prisoners at Gitmo. The ACLU has a web site devoted exclusively to Gitmo and torture (I'm sorry, being the philistine I am, I just don't see how destroying a book is considered torture... painful, yes, torture, no).

If you head over to the ACLU page and scroll down to the date 3/28/03 (yes, March 2003 - over 2 years ago) you will find this nugget of information near the bottom of the paragraph...

...REDACTED was informed that his case for the proper treatment of the Qur'an had been taken to higher levels and presented as a serious issue. The effort had been hurt, however, because it had been found that detainees were hiding things within the pages of the Qur'an. As a result, the guards were required to look through the Qur'an for their own safety. REDACTED was asked if he could assure camp officials that none of the detainees would ever hide any objects of any kind in their Qur'ans. He stated he could not. [emph mine--ed.]

Oh my, oh my, they've been bad boys. Seems they're trying to hide weapons in their copies of the holy book itself! Now I wonder why this has gotten no attention whatsoever. It seems to me, the MSM is going to great lengths to tell us what nice laid back guys are being detained at Gitmo.

This is the first I've heard of the dangers being faced by those who are guarding these terrorists and terrorist wannabes. I suppose if one of the Marines gets killed or severely injured... it should be chalked up to pursuing a dangerous profession... right? These aren't nice guys in this prison - and those doing the guarding have every right to ensure their own safety.

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1 It really angers me that the prison at Gitmo is being compared to the Soviet Gulag! We bend over backwards to treat prisoners with care - feed and clothe them, provide the Qurans, etc. I'm glad you wrote about this - I've been unable to post yet - too angry...

Posted by: Barb at June 01, 2005 04:37 AM (9eDDd)

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