January 29, 2009


Bye Bye Blago.

I'm guessing Rod's arguments were not especially persuasive. 

Not sure.

Just a hunch.

But I get the feeling the Illinois state senators didn't get warm fuzzies because he turned up to give his own closing arguments today. 

Since he's a Democrat, you have to love it that he sticks like glue to the Dem talking points:

"How is it an impeachable offense for helping low income families keep their health?" Blagojevich said. "How can you impeach a governor when what we did was about helping families and kids?"

Oh yes, it's for the chiiillldruuun.  You will notice he never says a word about "how" he tried to help the chiiiillldruuun, nothing about whether or not the law allows the governor to take particular actions. 

Nope - in true Democratic form, he insists that his intentions were of the highest order and that should be enough for everyone to accept that he's a great guy.  He's lookin' out for the chiiiillldruuuun.

Sure thing Roddy.

Of course after he spoke, he had to stick it to the tax payers one more time...

Blagojevich will leave the Senate and the statehouse immediately after his closing argument to return home on a state aircraft, to avoid any "plane issues," spokesman Lucio Guerrero said. State lawmakers and Lt. Gov. Patrick Quinn have said Blagojevich is not entitled to state transporation home if he is convicted and removed before he leaves.

Yeah, heaven forbid the guy get behind the wheel of a car and drive the 4 hours up to Chicago.  Or even spring for his own plane ticket. 

A real man of the people is Rod.

Oops... Nearly forgot.  I think someone should have given Blago a copy of this for Christmas.  (Think it would've helped?)

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January 26, 2009

Have Your DVR Ready

Today (yes, I suddenly realized it's well after midnight) the trial starts in Illinois. It is expected that Rod Blagojevich - the Boy Gov - will be removed from office sometime this week. Sooner rather than later I would suppose.

However, the Boy Gov seems to take issue with this.

Blagojevich says his trial is 'rigged'

Which leads me to wonder... what happens when the seemingly inevitable comes to pass and they vote Blago out of office?  To date, the Boy Gov has pretty much ignored what everyone has said to him and suddenly started acting as if he was a real Governor instead of just playing one in Illinois. The news has been full of stories about him heading to the office with the claim that he has "work" to do for the people of Illinois.  

Therefore, I have been speculating about the reaction once Roddy Boy is confronted with the vote.  Will he hole up in the Governor's Mansion?  (that would be a first, he has never lived there since being elected).  Will he head to the Mayor's office in Chicago, throw Richie out, proclaim Chicago as the new Capitol of Illinois, and declare all the downstate lawmakers criminals? (that would make him happy since he wouldn't have to ever head to that nasty "downstate" cowtown ever again)

Blagojevich's reign as Illinois governor was different from the start

Different... um... ooookay.  Let's have a look at what is "different".

Soon after, the governor's office would become a bunker. He installed locks on the doors of his Capitol offices as if he was hiding something. He began sneaking in the Capitol through basement tunnels. He refused to live in the Executive Mansion, instead commuting between Chicago and Springfield at taxpayer's expense.

Oddly enough the tenor of the article suggests that if Blago had been a bit more conciliatory, a bit more ready to play ball with the rest of the government, everything would be hunky dory because he's not a Republican.   (if a Republican had done this, they'd be measuring the guy for a lovely straightjacket. But, since it's a Dem... well, it's just a little odd)

However, after reading the article, I now believe it is not outside the realm of possibility for him to do something... interesting.  I would not be surprised to see him make a mad dash to his office, lock himself in as soon as they start the vote, and refuse to come out. (have they checked the room for weapons?)

In any case, I expect even more bizarre behavior before this is over.  Some of it may even take place on camera.  Stay tuned.

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