February 17, 2010

Random Pictures

I've been meaning to post a picture of this.  Made by Yabu's lovely wife, it hangs in my living room window. 

It's hard to take a picture of a stained glass object in a window.  Especially when there's so much "stuff" in the background.  I finally managed to get one I liked.  Thanks Yabu!  It's great.


The other day when we were walking, we met yet another dog (there are LOTS of dogs around here).  Love the look.

This dog never makes a sound as we walk by, just quietly watches us from his yard. 


Last of all... this was a flower last summer.  It wasn't covered by the snow and the sun was just hitting it the other evening.  

That's all for tonight.  I had to snow blow the driveway earlier and I'm beat.  Not as much as I expected, maybe 5-6 inches of white, but it sure is heavy down by the street.  Whew.

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1 You're quite welcome...

Posted by: Yabu at February 17, 2010 07:09 AM (VxNeS)

2 That's a lovely picture of the ornament which I agree is very, very hard to get.
I'm still trying to put to words how the dog is looking at you. It's definitely not a "No pictures, please," and it's not a challenging look. It looks more like a "I should be keeping an eye on you but I'm too shy to challenge you but I really know I should be keeping an eye on you."

So how much snow did you get? We got about four or five inches in NH and it seemed like most of it arrived between 4:00 and 6:00 pm. Right now it's warm enough that it's pouring off the roof in almost constant rivulets.

Posted by: MGA at February 17, 2010 10:48 AM (XADUG)

3 love the bumbly bee? love little things like that hanging in windows. I used to have something similar that hung on the glass with a suction cup - cup finally gave way, stained glass broken For sure the dog is saying "I'm keeping an I on you, just in case" Last two predicted storms only spit at us, thank god, but it is cooooold!

Posted by: patti at February 17, 2010 10:56 AM (ykXWv)

4 The ornament rocks; how cute!!

Love the dog... he's very much watching you for the tiniest incursion into his territory...

Posted by: Pam at February 17, 2010 01:37 PM (UxUrZ)

5 Nice ornament shot - those can be tricky, as you said.

The dog? "Don't come over here, please? 'Cause if you do, I have to use 'he who barks and runs away, lives to bark another day.'"

Posted by: Rev. Paul at February 17, 2010 08:27 PM (k85eb)

6 Yabu's wife is quite lovely, and quite the talented one, too. In Helen a couple of years ago, Jimbo, Kenny (his bodyguard), Mrs. Yabu and I had an awesome breakfast / hangover salve at some restaurant that served the usual Southern fare (biscuits...gravy...eggs...grits...I had it all!!), and I recall we all had a terrific time. She is a real nice lady, and didn't put the camera down the entire weekend either (a kindred, methinks). Man, what I wouldn't give to see those pics.

Posted by: Erica at February 18, 2010 11:43 AM (YKEDK)

7 The dog is saying, 'Will they notice my head is too small for my body? And if they do, I'm gonna have to bite them...I hope not...'

Posted by: Rave at February 18, 2010 05:06 PM (rVa2E)

8 The dog looks "thoughtful." Like he's thinking back over some Proust or something.

Or maybe he's just thinking, "Did I poop today? I think I did. Wait. No, I didn't. Yeah, yeah, I did. I pooped. I'm positive."

Posted by: dogette at February 18, 2010 06:17 PM (FNLm4)


Love the ornament.

The dog looks rabies free so that's good. And like Dogette said- I think he's just wondering if he pooped.

Ohh crayons...



Posted by: Laura at February 18, 2010 09:19 PM (G4roC)

10 LOL - yes, I think Dogette got it first - he's trying to remember if he pooped.  I love it! 

Posted by: Teresa at February 18, 2010 09:24 PM (ZCuP9)

11 Judging from the dog's purple collar, I'm thinking it's a Vikings fan thinking about Favre's last pass.

Posted by: Harvey at February 21, 2010 10:46 AM (QExRX)

12 Harvey - I think you got it!  ROFLMAO. 

Posted by: Teresa at February 21, 2010 11:30 PM (ZCuP9)

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