May 23, 2005

The Dangerous Liberal Agenda

I'm sure most of you have seen or at least heard about the op-ed piece written by Keith Thompson that appeared yesterday. He takes the ultra left leaning liberals to task for their completely warped view of the world and does an admirable job of it. He is NOT saying he's no longer a liberal... he is saying he's a liberal in the older sense of the word - not the nearly pathological rage filled get Bush at any cost meaning.

Not surprisingly, this was picked up by Rush Limbaugh, who congratulated Thompson on seeing the light. The general result of this sort of publicity for someone who is liberal leaning, is to turn around and run full tilt in the opposite direction... back into the arms of the rabid left. But Mr. Thompson shows himself to be a man of great character. He called into Rush's show and spoke with him during one of the segments. This may be just about the bravest act this man could have committed, I was very impressed.

Interestingly enough, Keith Thompson's piece reads very much like an extremely short version of Bill Whittle's latest essay, Sanctuary. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Naturally, Bill's essay is much longer than Keith's - after all, he is not constrained by column length. This leaves him free to follow a flow of thoughts through to its conclusion. If you have about an hour to spare - please take the time to read it.

Both of these men have written eloquently about the extremism on the left. (Please understand that I know there is also extremism on the right - this should go without saying, but I figure it's better to let people know I know these things.) I think if you read them carefully, you can pick up much that will show up extremism in any venue.

Hat Tip Instapundit for Keith Thompson and Blackfive for Bill Whittle

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1 Love the Thompson piece. Very eloquent.

Posted by: Harvey at May 24, 2005 04:41 AM (tJfh1)

2 We do NOT have extremists on the right!!! Bah!
(Stomps away in huff, climbs into black helicopter, mutilates some cattle for fun, and adds extra flouride to the local water supply to ensure the populace stays receptive to the VRWC mind control transmitters)

Posted by: Graumagus at May 24, 2005 06:32 PM (czxqS)

3 Thanks for yr post & Thompson link. I'm glad I read it and some are seeing the light,

Posted by: Michele at May 25, 2005 03:25 AM (ht2RK)

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