May 26, 2005

The Great White North

I love reading Lileks - he's got a way about him for describing life... the life of middle America... and it's always fun to read what he has to say. (no his stories about his daughter don't bore me in the least *grin*)

Today it looks as if he's on one of his periodic low periods. Those blues that we all experience from time to time... the "why am I in this place when I could be somewhere soooo much better" blues.

I should note that it rained today. All day. It’s cold, too. The time has come, perhaps, to plot the Great Move to Arizona. Not now; not soon. I just ordered a light fixture for the dining room, for heaven’s sake, and I don’t think I’ll be prying it off the ceiling anytime soon. But in five years? Sure. I can take five more winters, five miserable springs, five desperate summers, if I knew I was heading to my reward.

Okay, I'm not in Minnesota, but the Chicago area isn't a whole heck of a lot better. We've had a nice enough few days - very little in the way of rain for spring time (this works for me if not for the grass). On the whole though... it's the cold that gets to me too. The fact that it's May and most days you have to wear a jacket or sweater to go outside.

One thing that he is not taking into account (because Gnat is so young right now) is that in 5 years his daughter will be 9 years old. Doesn't seem like much does it... she shouldn't have a problem if mom and dad decide to move - she's young, she can make new friends... uh yeah right! Unless the move is dictated by where a parent has to work in order to support the family, it's going to be darn near impossible for him to uproot his daughter and move her across the country.

My guess is that he will be in Minneapolis at least until Gnat graduates from High School... and maybe even until she's out of college - so she has a place to come back to and see her friends. Yeah, it's hard to move kids - change places in the country, make new friends, assimilate into new schools. It's not something to be done because the weather is annoying - trust me on this.

This plotting of a warmer life will be the dream he aspires to and may eventually decide isn't worth the trouble after all... but I know exactly how he feels.

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