May 25, 2005

The Insidious Nature of Slander in the Media

When the news reports first came out about Eason Jordan's slander against the military ( remember... the little closed door speech he gave in Davos about the US Military intentionally targeting and attempting to kill journalists) I knew then, this was only the beginning. The uproar that followed caused Jordan to resign from CNN, but hasn't caused him enough grief to release the tape of his speech.

Then it was the turn of Linda Foley - President of the Newspaper Guild. Her remarks about the US Military (not the troops mind you, just the US Military). Have caused the next wave of indignation and rightly so! There is no truth to these accusations whatsoever - and Ms. Foley's odd twist to the story makes her look incredibly stupid.

But, what the news media is aiming for with these things is NOT coherence, it is NOT the truth - it's the repetition of a lie over and over again until people start to believe it. This is the tactic used during the Vietnam War so very effectively. Calling the troops "baby killers" repeatedly lying about the troops torturing and killing innocent civilians (thank you John Kerry for perpetuating that little bit of hatred).

At one time, when the MSM had a monopoly on information sources, there was no good way to get the message out that such heinous lies were being told. That is not the case in today's world. Today we have the internet and we have extraordinary people with wide reaching audiences to spread the word about this attempt to remake the news. The latest effort in that direction is now underway MediaSlander is set to roll out and knock down the MSM types who continue to spread these lies.

Blackfive is one of the founding members of this group and he says the following:

I don't really care for what the motivation is...I just want them to give the military a fair shake. No suppositions, no lies, just the truth. I want them to do their job.

We gave the MSM time to react to Linda Foley. With the exception of a few sources, there wasn't much out there. Maybe they agreed with her, didn't care, or thought it wasn't newsworthy...

We just couldn't sit there and let her comments stand.

As usual go read the whole thing. Unfortunately, every time the lie is repeated, far too many people only remember the lie itself... not the fact that it's a lie. Like the baby killer meme - once it's said often enough and spread around enough too many people (who should really know better) start to believe it.

Of course there will always be people who believe anything bad about the US Military, but for those who only take the most peripheral of interest - there needs to be some counter argument presented. I am hoping, with all these wonderful bloggers aboard helping to spread the word, they can at least stem some of the damage that is being done.

I will be adding them to the blogroll. This is definitely an effort worth pursuing. With any luck they'll get people to think a bit before accepting the lies. It will be an uphill road, but the fight is worth it.

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1 When I see or hear things that are just plain hateful lies, I try to ignore it and keep doing my best to show people the noble, honorable and human "US war machine." As a Navy civilian, though, perhaps it's time I respond more agressively and call these people on their bullshit.

I mean, on occasion, I do remind the assholes that it was the very military they abhor that gave them the right to spout such vitriolic lies in the first place, but it's true that it's not enough. You've really got to put a lot of positive energy into containing the damage done by those with an anti-everything agenda, particularly the ones who have no real understanding of the military.

Posted by: liv at May 25, 2005 01:31 PM (IRVeP)

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