December 02, 2012

Those Scary Moments

After taking back the Home Phone Connect device that was not working properly, I noticed our entire home network was now having problems.  I figure the device must have caused some sort of issue with our router or modem... the problems stem from the day I started using the device. 

My iphone was having all sorts of problems sending and receiving messages whether I was using the wifi or the cell system (even after doing a restart).  There was too much lag time on my regular computers when browsing the net.  It just wasn't right.

So this morning I decided to reboot all the network devices.  Because my days are not exciting enough.

The network stuff entails just a little bit of work in my house. Unplug the cable modem, unplug the wireless router, go upstairs, contort oneself behind the sofa, unplug the cell phone mini-tower and it's wireless connector. Then go back and start plugging them back in - in order.  Let them each cycle through the restart procedure and it works... or not.

Yes, it's always good heart exercise to see that message telling you the router does not see the internet". 

What?  All the lights are up and good to go.  What's up?  Trying to connect directly to the modem is also a no go. 

Jolly good.

Ended up having to restart the modem a couple of times. Then the wireless connector for the mini-tower refuse to start at all.  It's totally dead. 

I can hear Bones saying it now:
"It's dead Jim!" 

Luckily I had an exact duplicate of the wireless connector for the mini-tower.  (thank you credit card points that were burning a hole in my pocket and saying "use me now before they change their mind and take them away!")

Eventually, after much quick thinking of "where can I buy a new..." and "I wonder how much this will cost to replace..." and "how soon can I get hold of this stuff???".  I had the network back up and online.  It's running MUCH better.

I do need to buy a new wireless connector as a backup for my cell phone mini-tower.  Just in case the current connector decides to take a nose dive too.

Ah the joys of home networks.  Considering this is a tiny home network, if you extrapolate this problem to world wide large networks, it's a wonder the internet works at all.  Ever.

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1 Yes, all the wi-fi/connectivity/intarwebz is (are?) a wonderful thing ... when it all works. Otherwise, not so much. I'm glad you got yours working again, though.

Posted by: Rev. Paul at December 02, 2012 05:44 PM (b/GbH)

2 OK... so I'm reading your post and I get to the part where you wrote, "I can hear Bones saying it now:" and immediately MY Bones voice pops into my head and I hear, "If it doesn't me... it doesn't bother you."  Wrong Bones.  

Posted by: Bou at December 02, 2012 06:31 PM (SJrJ4)

3 LOL Bou - it didn't even enter my head as I wrote that.  Too too funny! 

Posted by: Teresa at December 02, 2012 08:13 PM (YwdwH)

4 I'd just like a new computer with wifi. Something that isn't covered in dust and rife with garbahhhhge.

Posted by: Kim at December 03, 2012 08:24 PM (YcP18)

5 Oddly enough, even though all my computers have wifi, on the 2 main ones I don't use it, I connect them with ethernet cables.  Wifi is too annoying and funky most times. I use it with the toys, but for real computer stuff I prefer to keep it wired.

Posted by: Teresa at December 03, 2012 10:12 PM (YwdwH)

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