October 25, 2013

Tour of the South

Last weekend was the annual meetup fondly known as the Hysterics at Eric's.  It's so wonderful to get together with everyone and spend the weekend hangin' out having fun.  Of course this means more travel fun.  So this means blog fodder.  Yay!


Well, trip to the airport and airport econo parking went much better than expected. If I can find my car when I get back I will be happy.

Little boy on the ramp to the plane. Way too close to the open bit between the plane and jetway. Several passengers saying "No! Watch out!" Parents only paying quasi-attention.

There are some marvelously ugly service vehicles at airports. What fun to drive them around except they all move very slowly.

What part of "wait until the seatbelt sign is off before leaving your seat" is ambiguous?

The beverage carts are too big. Our seat was just rammed by one. Jarred the entire row. Wow. Since they approach from behind, I was not expecting the jolt… invigorating.

If I flew a lot I might be able to write an entire book on my phone. Have this need to keep myself busy but with so much going on in the plane I have a hard time reading. If I try to listen to a book or podcast there is always an announcement I miss. It's a no-win.  I end up typing in Evernote.  Yes, I could certainly write an entire book by thumb if I was traveling all the time.

According to the flight tracker it is -25 outside the aircraft. I'm in the aircraft sitting in the sun, feels warm enough to me.  

Very high clouds we're flying over!  Must be at about 30,000 feet. Nice and wispy looking.

Apparently NBC really wants to push the show called Parenthood. Have now seen episodes screened on both AA and Delta. Haven't listened but it looks completely schmaltzy, wishing I didn't even have to see the screen.

Hit Atlanta at rush hour in the rain.  Not only is traffic at a dead stop, but it appears to be "take your 18 Wheeler to work day".  I have never seen so many semis on the road at one time.  

Driving through Tennessee, was wishing I could stop every few miles to take pictures.  There are some most excellent and fun things to see, if you are looking for them.  Unfortunately, I have not had enough time to leisurely drive along in this manner.  Oh well, one day.

Many people wearing unfortunate clothing. Not sure why ATL airport has such a large population of such people.

Found a nice wine bar in the airport. Not over crowded and they were showing football. Very near the gate. Excellent.

Two kids near me on the plane. One in front about 2.5 years old talking up a storm.  One to the side is a baby who is not happy to fly.

And the guy in front of me transporting the toddler has reclined. *sigh*

Girl on flight with her hair wrapped in about a 6 inch stack on her head. Looks so bizarre.

Maybe I should put in my head phones but hoping the toddler will go to sleep… no such luck - headphones are the better part of valor since I doubt that screaming would help at all.

And landed.  The toddler in front of me has not stopped talking even once during the entire 2 hour flight.  Wow! The baby OTOH has been sleeping.


And so we conclude this year's trip.  It was a blast as always.

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October 24, 2012

Travel Fodder Etc

Tomorrow I head south for the yearly meetup fondly known as the "Hysterics at Eric's". I shall have to keep my eyes open for good travel blog fodder. Airports are excellent places for this.


File this under "why can't people just enjoy the stuff they have"....

Third-gen iPad owners: does the fourth-gen iPad irk you?

I mean, it's not like the previous versions suddenly cease to operate. Or did they and no one told me?  My ipad 2 works just fine. Shhhh... don't tell.


I wish I was as smart as this guy.

How a Google Headhunter’s E-Mail Unraveled a Massive Net Security Hole

That is pretty damned awesome. Especially as he thought the whole thing was a joke!

Hmmm... well both my grandmothers lived to be 99.

Longevity Traced to Grandmothers

Of course this is always assuming I don't get hit by a car while getting my mail...


That's it for now. Off to start packing.

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October 26, 2011

Hitting the Road or the Air or Something

Tomorrow I am pulling out the suitcase and heading south... only for the weekend and not because they are predicting snow.

It's time once again for the annual Hysterics at Eric's.  My husband, who forgoes these events, will have a nice quiet weekend at home. 

This year the Jooese is making her way south in the company of Jimbo (he of the "big fat black capitalist car").  So I shall swoop into Atlanta, swing by the Casa de Elisson, meet up with the man himself and his lovely wife, attach them to my posse, and off we will head into the middle of Tennessee.  It will be a blast and half! 

If you follow me on twitter, stay tuned for random tweets from the airport (where there are always fun and interesting things happening).  I can even blog because my blog software now works with my ipad!  Very cool indeed. 

So everyone have a lovely lovely weekend. 

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November 09, 2010

Herding Cows - Jersey Style

This is what happens when you let 2 New Jersey boys and a Brooklyn girl loose in the wilds of Tennessee farm country.

Tennessee will never be the same.

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The Hysterics were Hysterical As Always - Part 2

Let's pick up where we left off... arriving at the Straight White House

We were greeted with food (courtesy of Bou who made an outstanding dinner) and drink and merriment.  It was too cold and wet to sit outside.  Rain and sleet had put the kibosh on the campfire, so everyone was gathered indoors.  Either in the house itself or in the garage - home to a terrific pocket pool table.

It is mostly a gathering of long acquainted friends with the yearly addition of one or two people.  Of course we have already met up with Erica and Leslie. To this was added:

Eric (of course) 
Elisson & SWMBO
John Cox
El Capitan
Rick & Georgia
Jimbo & Da Bodyguard
Later that night Eric's lovely wife Fiona arrived home from work to find her house taken over. 

There was much talking in loud voices, many pool games complete with trash talking, and lots of cameras.  Sadly I am not a good people photographer so even if people wanted their pictures online, mine mostly didn't turn out well.  Give me some trees and scenery every time.

As Denny was leaving the gathering to get back to the hotel, he noticed that a car had a flat tire... well, you guessed it boys and girls. The little icon on the dash was telling me there was a leak and while we were having a merry time, the air quietly left the tire.  How I was supposed to know that from the icon on the dash... it's a mystery to me. 

Bou kindly gave me a ride both to the hotel that night and back to Eric's the next morning.  Saturday morning being the day that Big Stupid Tommy  finally made it to the party.  Eric woke up early on Saturday and proceeded to change the tire on my car and call the car rental place.  (he is the best of the best folks)

I was able to take the car to a local shop.  While they fixed it, we were off to the local diner for breakfast.  They do the best buffet for breakfast ever.  The coffee cups don't match, but the food is excellent and the ambiance is unequaled anywhere. 

After picking up my car, there was shopping at a local Fair Trade store, pool, music provided by The Elderly Brothers (Jimbo and Denny accompanied most ably by John who is far to young to be an Elderly).  Add to that the most delicious BBQ ever smoked on a huge smoker in Eric's back yard.  Elisson did the honors and completely blew our socks off. 

It's always sad to see Saturday draw to a close.  Denny, Jimbo, Kenny, Georgia and Rick all took off early Sunday morning.   Erica, Leslie and I had to head out fairly early, but we were able to stop by Eric's for a quick and very good breakfast.

The drive back to ATL was non-eventful, except for the few minutes of panic when I couldn't figure out if I was still on the right highway when in the middle of downtown.  Since I didn't have much wiggle room in timing, I was very happy to find I hadn't detoured on to another highway by accident.

We returned the car and then of course I had to wait in line at the office to have them give me the money for the tire repair.  After we got into the terminal and got our boarding passes, we had some lunch.  This was not the best choice I could have made. Lunch service was slow and I still had to get through security.  However, while we were eating we were treated to a group of soldiers headed home on leave - as they walked through the terminal, everyone gave them a rousing ovation.  It was wonderful.

I arrived at the gate just as they were boarding the last "zone" on the plane.  Whew! I really don't like cutting it that close.  No one even looked twice at my carry on bag this time.  It fit fine in the overhead.  Good grief!

Other than a little turbulence it was an uneventful flight.  Once again I was too tired to do much people watching.

Thus endeth another Hysterics. 

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The Hysterics were Hysterical As Always - Part 1

Blogmeets - there's nothing like 'em. It will take a few days for me to recover. OTOH What a wonderful trip!

I should have left on Thursday evening and spent the night in Atlanta - that would have made Friday a bit less...um... hectic. It would also have negated arising before the crack of dawn to head to the airport. However, I did manage to snag the 8:30am shuttle from Framingham to Logan. After that I was fine for catching my flight out.

At Logan I was treated to the brand new full body scan. Joy. You might want to go looking for the resultant naughty bits on one of those warez sites... "Logan Bodies" or whatever.

Anyhow, the only good thing... we were allowed to put away the boarding pass and id before the scan. I hate having to try and hold onto those with one hand while taking off shoes, pulling off coats, unwinding scarves,  unpacking liquids, pulling out computers, putting everything in bins and guiding it down rollers to the conveyor. I'm always amazed when I can do this without everything hitting the floor. This time I was able to zip it all in my bag and use both hands.

I was pretty tired and not into people watching once I got to the gate. However, I will take a moment to note the following...

Wearing a white button down shirt, plaid mini skirt, black tights, high top lace up shoes with high heels, and little fur cuffs around your ankles, does not work for anyone - period - no matter how skinny you might be. Moreso if you are obviously over the age of 45... (it wouldn't work for a 7 year old). Just sayin...

Of course the idiots at Delta decided I had to check my carry on bag.  Why?  Well why not! It's the same size as all the others, but that was not good enough for them.  They insisted I gate check it. Had I been more wide awake, I would have taken the tag off of it while headed down the ramp and just taken it on the plane - but I was not thinking at all.  Much to my detriment. 

My flight landed at 2pm in ATL only a few minutes late. I met Erica and Leslie after much texting and phoning.  Then we waited and waited and waited and waited... eventually my bag arrived.  We dashed off to rent a car and get on the road already. We snagged a Dodge Caliber - it worked well for 3 + bags.  Everyone was starving (it was now well after 3pm) so we stopped to eat.  This put us square into rush hour.  Lovely.

Back on the road... We finally break free of the "stop and goes" and we're moving along when a light appears on the dash with a ding.  An icon lights up.  It appears to be a horseshoe shape with the open end up and little hashes  under it and an exclamation point in the middle.  I found a pic - have a look:

I guess it's used in other cars since we were certainly not in a vette of any kind.  It looks like it's telling me my luck is running out - tithe now to the church of Dodge...  

We looked for a book to see what it might be - of course there is no book in a rental car.  We drove on figuring we'd find out what it was when something broke or the car stopped - whichever came first.  

It was about this time Erica started receiving texts from Jimbo's friend Da Bodyguard asking us where we were.  (Not even half way sadly enough.)  Then we hit stopped traffic - total halt all lanes.  There was an accident of course and they stopped traffic to life-flight the driver out. Can't really complain about stopped traffic for us when someone else ended up in critical condition.   About half an hour later we were on our way again.

There was much trash talk texting going on between Da Bodyguard and Erica to keep us entertained.  And we finally made it to the hotel where we checked in and freshened up for the main part of the evening.  We arrived at Eric's at about 8:45pm.

Thus endeth part one.  With the moral being - it's always best to avoid traveling with me.

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November 04, 2010

The Further Adventures of...

Thelma and Jooese!

Yes, that time of year has once again rolled around. Many a wonderful blogger (to point out just a minor few) are packing their bags and heading to the Straight White House.

The Jooese and I are adding the Omnibabe to our entourage this year.

It should be a blast and a half! I wonder if Tennessee is ready...

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October 28, 2009

It Wouldn't Be a Blogmeet Without...

Hay bales - this one is for Erica since she didn't get to come this time.  I was going to get cows too, but they were never in pastures where I could stop and take a picture.


Sheep watching rockets... (don't ask just agree)

A faher of some sort...

Luckily that faher wasn't in the draher like last year.

Blog meets are such fun. 

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October 25, 2009

Back Again

Exhausted.  Laughed way too much.  Flights were on time.  More stories later and maybe a picture or two from interesting places...  first have to upload them and look.

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October 23, 2009

On the Road Again

Odds that I make it to Tennessee before tomorrow morning?  Depends on how the travel gods feel about me today.

We shall see.  Depending on flights and such I may update this post from the airport.  Sadly I can't update while driving.  (no I do not text and drive I have a hard enough time just avoiding other people who would love to run me over).

More later... maybe. 

Of course it might not be the travel gods who delay me... Good Grief!

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