April 06, 2014

Side Bar... hmmmm

It looks as though my sidebar has disappeared.  Not sure what's going on, but I shall drop a note to Pixy and see if he can fix it.  

Ah - looks like I had some spam that was causing problems. Oh well.  Such is life. 

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January 14, 2013

It's always something

Over the weekend I got very industrious.  On Saturday I took apart all the wiring for the computers and network in my office, cleaned everything and rewired so I don't have tons of wires on the floor.  It looks so much better. 

However, every good deed has consequences... yesterday I checked my work computer.  (I leave both of my computers on all the time) and I found it had gone into the "hibernate" state. That should not happen.    I have it set to run all the time, not hibernate.  It should only hibernate when running on the battery.

A bit of checking showed it was indeed running off battery power,  not through the charger.  Oh joy.  Further checking shows that the charger is working, so it must be the internal power jack or its connection to the motherboard.  The power jack is in the upper right hand corner of the machine.  Here is what I need to do to get in there and check it out.   Yep, pretty much have to tear the sucker apart.  And that may not even fix it. 

How delightful. 


So, it's Monday.  This morning I headed out to get coffee and go to the grocery store to pick up odds and ends needed for meals this week. I stopped at the gas station to fill up my car.  This is a station with 16 pumps.  I was the only person there. 

I filled my car and got back in it.  I had just put my credit card back in my purse.  Hadn't even had time to turn on my ipod when someone honks at me. 

I look in my rear view mirror and there is an idiot behind me who wants me to move!  He's pulled right up behind me.  I look around, there is NO ONE else at the station. There are 15 other pumps free to use and he is right on my tail honking at me. 


I was seriously tempted to get out of my car and go ask what he wanted.  I should have.  But I hadn't had my coffee yet and it would not have ended well. 


I do hope your weekend and Monday are going well.  Someone should be having a good day somewhere. 

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October 16, 2012

So What's Up?

Sorry I haven't been blogging. I'm so tired lately it seems the most I can think is one sentence at a time in 140 chars or less.

I keep looking, but nothing I read says anything on how to sleep better while dealing with night time hot flashes. At least not reliably. I see all kinds of blather about various herbs, only to go read about them and find out they aren't quite as benign as they are purported to be. 

I already get sufficient exercise or maybe I need to go for a full 4-8 hours per day or something.  I eat well, and I'm not overweight (at least I don't think I am... perhaps someone who knows me will tell me otherwise but I figure wearing a size 8 means I'm about average). Oh and I'm not stressed out.  This covers all the major areas everyone covers when talking about sleeping well.  I even get off the computer at least 2 hours before trying to sleep most nights. 

So far, nothing is working. Never mind.  I'm not sick or otherwise incapacitated.  A lack of sleep is an annoyance which I hope will pass eventually.  

I may try full out paleo diet for 30 days and see if that has an effect. I have the Practical Paleo cook book and Diane Sanfilippo has 30 day meal plans... But it's work to set up since it's a change from the norm.  So far I haven't had the ambition.

Tired --> No ambition --> fix takes work --> Tired.   Ha!

So, there you are. I can't focus much and therefore have not been trying to write longer blog posts. What an annoyance.

I have been posting photos over on my posterous site. Check over there for fall color.  My twitter feed doesn't even get much lately, just minor commentary. 

I'm not watching Presidential debates.  Nor am I answering any phone calls from political pushers.  November can't get here soon enough.  I want to vote and get this over with then move on from there (good or bad). 

Sailing season is about over.  We have one more chance this coming weekend if the weather is good.  We missed last weekend because of rain.  No point in sailing if it will be miserable.  Warm rain is okay, cold rain - ugh. Overall, sailing this year has been excellent. I can't really complain about missing one weekend because of weather.

There was an earthquake in Maine earlier tonight.  My friend in New Hampshire felt it strongly.  We felt nothing.  I wonder if it's because we're in the hills... doesn't make much sense, but so far it's all I can come up with.  Wild. 

That's all I've got for now.  Off to read and see if maybe... just maybe I can get more than a 2 hour stint of sleep without waking up.  We'll see. 

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August 13, 2012

Works, Doesn't, Works...

Today this particular headline has been making the rounds.

And everyone is full of joyous happiness. Because, really, there are few things better in life than getting a great therapeutic massage. This kind of story makes everybody feel justified in saying, "See science says it's good for me!" 

However, if you scan the column of "Related Stories" you will see one from 2009 that says:

Oh the agony!  They say they even have proof! (although what that proof is I don't know since it's not in the story itself)  However, it seems no one paid any attention to that particular study because I never heard a word about it.  

In a few years we'll see another headline where they once again tell us that massage doesn't really work... no, it's all in our heads... or something. 

Gotta love pop-sci.  (especially Science Daily that reports all these lovely findings without any links to the actual studies themselves)  Just watch the headlines until you find a study where you like the results.  Then it's all good! 

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May 08, 2012

Shocking... Right

Saw this headline earlier on a local news feed

Shocking Find by TSA at RI Airport

TSA officials say the .40 caliber weapon, bullets and other gun parts were artfully packed inside three stuffed animals.

A man traveling with his 4-year-old son from T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, R.I. to Detroit on Monday was stopped at a security checkpoint.

Earlier today the story ended with this... Man and boy got on plane and left.  Left?  They go through security with a gun broken into bits in the luggage and TSA lets them just go on their merry way? 

Now we find out why.

The man, who hasn't been identified, told law enforcement officials he was unaware the firearm was stuffed in his son's carry on. Sources tell NECN that the man told law enforcement officials he believes the boy's mother put it there.

Well, looks like they got off better than this poor girl.

Diabetic teen upset with TSA screeners at Salt Lake City Airport

Not only did they not know what to do about the insulin pump...

She says TSA agents then made the situation worse when they didn't know what to do about her juice and insulin. "She said, because we don't have the machines to scan the juice to make sure this is not an explosive we do have to do a full body pat down and search your through your bags." Of course, that's what she wanted in the first place, but it was too late.

Ya gotta watch out for those 16 year old diabetics... you never know what she'll do. So break her $10K insulin pump BEFORE she does it! 

The guy with the gun parts is no match for her.

In the meantime one has to wonder if they caught anyone really trying to do something bad.  Well... other than the 16 year old girl...

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April 12, 2012

I Need a Spellchecker for my Spellchecker

I was writing something today and used the word "leapt".  My spellchecker did not like it at all.  Angry red dashes appeared under the offending word.  Scary!  I looked at it again and thought the spelling was correct. 

Then I began to doubt myself.  I could be wrong. It's been years since I've written the word (maybe dating back to my time in high school)  Perhaps I'm not even using the right word.  Horrors!!!!

Off I went to dictionary.com which indeed confirmed not only did I spell it correctly, I used it correctly too.  Well that's a relief.  I guess I'm not totally drifting into senility yet.

I fixed the spellchecker by adding the word.  It does worry me that a modern day spellchecker would not have a regular everyday type of word I learned back in grade school.

However, the burning question is... how many people are being misled on a daily basis by spellcheckers that don't know their words?  Now that is scary!

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Weather News You Can Use

I have a Weatherbug widget on my home page. It gives me the cute little weather summary of an icon to show the type of weather then the high/low temps for 3 days. Underneath that is supposed to be weather headlines. Today there is only one and it reads:

Weather news:

California's weather has something for everyone.

So now a travel blog summary of the climate variety in California is "weather news" I need to know.  Not sure why, but Weatherbug tells me so. 

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March 25, 2012

When To End An Interview

I spotted this headline today.

Lawmakers Call for Investigation of Facebook Password Requests

Employers are asking for username/passwords for facebook? I assume it must be happening somewhere although I am not interviewing for jobs, so I have no person experience of this phenom.  Still, I find this a stunning invasion of privacy!

My immediate reaction:

The interview ends the minute someone asks for any username/password for any personal account.

Yes, I will stand up, thank them nicely, and say "It's been interesting talking with you. Thank you for your time. Good bye."  This would hold true whether or not I had an account on the social media site.

You may think it's a bit extreme.  You may, if you've been looking for a job for a long time and are desperate, think it's cavalier of me to say this.  You may think... "but you're leaving them with the impression you have something to hide!"

That is exactly the reaction they are counting on. You need to turn your thinking around!  If you give them the passwords, you have put someone else in control of your online data.  We will return to this in a moment.

First I need to state this: an employer is perfectly within their rights to dig around on the internet and find any information that has been made public about you.  They can find public facebook postings (which is why you should be very careful what your friends post about you or what pictures your friends tag you with on facebook), twitter feeds, blog posts, linkedin posts, and any other publicly available internet information.  I have no problem with a company researching an employee before hiring them. Just as an employee should check out a company prior to the interview.  Therefore, public data gathering is not the problem.

There are several problems with employers asking for your login credentials to any of the social media sites. 

First and foremost, it violates laws already in place regarding what an employer can ask you about your personal life. With access to a social media site they know about your marital status (okay so they might know if you are married but they aren't supposed to ask about your life with your spouse), your parental status, possibly your sexual orientation, even your political ideology.  All of which are not  part of the job interview last time I heard.

Then there is the problem of someone else having control of your account.  This is the one that is most disturbing.  Here are just a few of the questions to ponder. 

Who gets the login info? who does the looking? how do you know they won't change anything while logged in? how do you know they aren't using your account to find information about someone else? what information might they copy that you consider "private"? what will they do with any info they find on your site? what do they do with the login info once they have looked at your site?

The last question is the least important since giving away your login info is like giving away the keys to your house, now the only thing to do is change the lock (in this case, the password).

They've been on your account and gotten whatever information they wanted, what's to stop them from logging in again? what's to stop them from using information they gathered while on your site in a detrimental way?

The list could go on for pages, but if none of the above bother you... then maybe you are a good fit for the company.  

Something else that bothers me is knowing that one set of login credentials is often used over and over by unsophisticated computer users. Therefore, facebook login credentials could give the company access to things like credit card accounts, bank accounts, health accounts... and this is just for an interview‽  (I was listening to Grammar Girl and just had to use the Interobang here)

While the request and its ramifications are mind boggling, I don't believe new laws are needed.  The current laws covering what employers can do during interviews should be sufficient. However, it may need to be emphasized that these laws cover social media as well as other aspects of personal life.  So, it's a good thing to bring this to the attention of the public. People need to know why they shouldn't say yes to this request.  But, I see no reason to pass any specific law for "social media". 

So keep your passwords to yourself.  If you have ever given out a password even if it's for purposes of getting tech assistance.  It's time to change it and change any other site that uses the same password.

This has been a public service post.  We now return you to our regularly scheduled navel gazing. 

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March 15, 2012

New Tech Should Spring Forth Fully Formed and Functional!

I came across this article today.

Researchers send 'wireless' message using neutrinos

Of course I read it because it's one of those articles that makes me believe Star Trek was really a show from the future and we might just get there someday...

Then, because I am an idiot, I read the comments.  OMG the comments!!!  A few were funny, some were impressed or at least interested that some sort of research was going on. 

But others... there are always the others. The whiners.  They want to complain about price. They want to moan about the equipment not being able to do the job. They want to mutter about idiots doing stupid experiments.

Apparently all the tech we have today sprang up fully formed and ready to sit on our desktops.  All cell phones have always been like the iphones or Androids you see now - never were they the size and weight of a good sized brick.  All computers were always sitting on the desktop with nice thin screens. There was never a computer the size of a small house that wheezed along by reading punch cards and trying to calculate a few equations so we could send men to the moon. 

It's disturbing to see people so hell bent on telling us not only that it won't work, but that the scientists were stupid to even try it.   The saddest part is, these morons have built their case on a blurby little blog post that dumbs everything down so the semi-literate layman can claim to understand some of what is going on.  From there the critics feel free to tell us why it will never work. 

I shall never have my Star Trek future because these idiots have no dreams and therefore want to make sure no one else has them either.  Because... dreams are stupid and they'll never work.

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January 29, 2012


In the comments to the previous post there is some discussion of tracking by google. Thoughts of which tend to make me feel extremely paranoid.

Then I remembered this post from Ars Technica the other day.

Google already knows you're a 24-year old woman who loves wombats

And I checked to see what google thinks of me...

Your categories and demographics

No interest or demographic categories are associated with your ads preferences so far. You can add or edit interests and demographics at any time.

Yes, I must have opted out of ad tracking a while back and forgotten. I don't think it's the "ad block plus" I use on my browser... but maybe it is.

Right now google is not owning up to tracking me around the web. Not sure if that makes me feel better or not. Hmmm...

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