January 29, 2009

This Is Good For Me

Yes it is. Pilates that is. I had class today and I'm wondering if I'll be able to walk tomorrow.

Good grief. I'm getting stronger, but holy crap - I do tend to cramp up. That's when my instructor and I end up laughing hysterically. Because nothing is more ridiculous than getting a quad cramp in the middle of the boomerang or nearly falling over backward doing the Side Bend with Twist because of an oblique cramp.


If you want to see these fun things - head over to Pilates on Fifth (they do tend to put commercials in their vid casts, but the exercises are demo'd well)

Here is the Side Bend with Twist. And that evil evil boomerang which I can begin very well - keeping my legs from separating - unlike the girl doing the demo, but invariably end up with quad cramps when I get to the teaser part of it and of course she does that part beautifully.

My my, the things I do to keep my body from falling completely to bits.  Of course my instructor is incredibly good.  She makes it all look soooo easy.  Since she's about 5 years younger than I am, and has 2 teenage daughters... I figure I have a chance to eventually get better.  Best part is, she has an eagle eye for form and makes sure I get it right, bless her.

My intention is to never get to the point where I let age take over and freeze my joints in place.  Considering how very inflexible my body is - that is a distinct probability.  I fight it daily.  I may not win - but I'm trying.  Heh.

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January 24, 2009

I Want To Blog Something...

But it's been difficult to come up with something - so I decided to start typing and see what happens.  (sorry about that)

I've been giggling like mad over the Blago debacle in Illinois. Now the Boy Gov is gonna hire a PR firm. (too late)

He's been chatting it up with the local media thus causing his lawyer to quit. (If the lawyer who was willing to represent R.Kelly won't keep you as a client... you gotta be doin' somethin' really uniquely bad)

Richie Daley says Blago is cuckoo. (Reminds me of: "It's 3 o'clock according to the kook" - anyone remember that?)

It's better than a three ring circus and gets more entertaining daily. Not to mention, if all the politicians are jumping through hoops to oust Blago, they aren't passing more laws. That would be a good thing for IL.

Next we have the President of the United States having a hissy fit over a radio talk show host and then, in an effort to make himself look more Presidential...

While discussing the stimulus package with top lawmakers in the White House's Roosevelt Room, President Obama shot down a critic with a simple message.

"I won," he said, according to aides who were briefed on the meeting. "I will trump you on that."

It appears the only words he left out were, "Nonny Nonny Boo Boo, You Can't Get Me"

And I'm not even gonna try and talk about Michelle Obama's dress fiascos for the last few days.  I'm fashion challenged, but this poor woman needs help.  However, I leave the most excellent reportage in this area to the incomparable Suzette.  Who is ever so much better at these things than I am.

Hollywood can't come close to the hilarity of this week in politics.  Who knew that having the Dems in power would be so funny. 

Anyhow, I guess that's it.  I suppose that's some sort of blog post - or not.  Now I have to go have dinner.  Enjoy your Saturday evening.

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January 22, 2009

Six Months

That's how much older Caroline Kennedy is than me.

So I saw this picture of her today (taken by Mark Gormus/Richmond Times-Dispatch to give proper credit). And all I could think was...

Geeze where's my Red Hat?

I'm gettin' OLD!!!

Update: I might be old... But damn I can still laugh!  If you haven't seen Iowahawk's I Pledge  go now!  Be sure to hit the link to watch a snippet of the vid first (a snippet was all I could stomach) then read the transcript. 

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January 16, 2009

Oh Yeah, Let Me Get Right On That

In answer to an email received today.

You want me to click over to a couple of unknown web sites, download a couple of programs I know nothing about, then install them on my server behind my firewall, all in an effort to transfer two tiny files from an ftp server.

Interesting interpretation of "secure file transfer" you've got there.
Here's a hint:  Telling me it's "free" doesn't make it alright. 


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January 15, 2009

Cows on Mars!

Today I saw this headline:

Clouds of Methane May Mean Life on Mars

and because I already know about this:

a dairy cow cranks out about 142 kilograms of methane per year

and because I too can put the ever powerful liberal method of deduction into action...

I deduce there are many many cows on Mars.


What does this mean?

Well, if they ever get there, our astronauts will have access to lots of milk to make ice cream and cheese and other such delights.

However, in an effort to combat this methane menace we need to get there quick and take along these items:

Cow Backpacks Trap Methane Gas

You know... in an effort to stop global warmening on Mars. After all - we must concede that global warmening on earth has caused some incredibly difficult times...

Shocking cold wave drops temps to 40 below zero

So that's it people!  We MUST go to Mars, find the cows, and stop the madness. 

Write Barak Obama now!  Insist that he make this a priority in his administration.

We Must Save Mars!

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January 06, 2009

Maybe We Should Start Carrying Soothing Lotion When We Fly

So, that TSA agent is a bit crabby and terse while yanking you aside and making you nearly miss your plane. Should we cut them some slack?

TSA workers report rashes from uniforms

Some Transportation Security Administration workers are reporting severe skin rashes, lightheadedness, swelling and redness in and around the eyes and lips as a result of the blue uniforms TSA officers started wearing this summer, according to the union representing the workers.

One must wonder though... after looking at the types of people who amble through airports these days... is it really the uniforms or is it searching the bags?

I suggest hazmat suits with their own environmental controls. 

Yes, the TSA could set the style at airports around the world with these babies...

Nothing says, "I'm twice the man you are!" more forcefully than this eye catching suit.  Who needs form fitting when all you have to do to take out the slack is inflate.

So useful outside the workplace too... schools, churches, stores, you name it.  Damn - I may have to get one myself!

I say they should consider it.  At the very least the security checkpoint levity factor could be increased by 1000% over the dude who doesn't realize that pocket change is metal and will set off the detector.

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