August 10, 2004

Time to do Your Backups!

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I didn't blog at all yesterday because I spent so much time writing email directions to a couple of friends who had hard drive crashes on the same day. So, I thought I'd throw out a hint for all of you dropping by today. Take a little time and back up files you just don't want to lose, or can't afford to lose. You don't have to back up everything, you just need to back up important things. OS's can be reinstalled and reset, email from a friend can not always be restored. That book you've been writing might be lost for all time, that tax info you had out there - might be totally gone... Back up now!

/end public service announcement

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August 07, 2004

Windows XP Service Pack 2

Well, its finally here. The latest Service Pack for Windows XP.

Customers who have computers set to receive updates automatically will begin getting Service Pack 2 within a few days, company spokesman Matt Pilla said Friday. About 100 million customers are expected to receive the automatic updates over the next two months.

A bunch of stuff is going to be changed with this Service Pack. There was quite a bit of chatter about this new SP breaking existing aps that run just fine now. So you may want to be aware of this before applying it. Instead of immediately downloading this and installing, I would wait for a few days and see what shakes out as it is deployed elsewhere. If you run a separate firewall (which is something I would recommend) be aware that the SP will automatically turn on a Microsoft Firewall which may be in conflict with your existing firewall. In any case, 2 are not necessary, so one should be turned off.

CNET is also carrying a review. It would be a good idea to read up, before installing anything. Because, what's worse, a virus that screws up your system or a Service Pack that screws up your system?

And naturally Slashdot has more here. They have info on the free CD, if you are unable to download for whatever reason.

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August 06, 2004

The Nuts and Bolts of Biometrics

In my previous post about the new Passport Biometrics, I talked about some of the problems with using Biometrics to identify people. Since this gets into the backend - the computer junk. I'll put the bulk of this post in the extended entry for those who really could care less about computerese. more...

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