June 14, 2005

Gmail Issue

Has anyone else noticed that gmail is loading verrrryyyy slowly for them? Yesterday it was taking forever, then it seemed to clear up last night... today it's back to molasses. Could be I missed something going on out there, since I've been busy. Or is this just a problem for me and everyone else is okay?

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June 09, 2005

Only Probation?

I don't know about you, but I think this guy should be sentenced to sitting at a computer and having to delete spam messages all day, every day for the rest of his life...

An Essex man was placed on probation this week for harassing his former supervisor by signing her up for e-mail subscriptions, flooding her inbox with unwanted messages from dating services and job lines, the state attorney general's office said yesterday.

Pre-internet days I actually saw this kind of thing happen to a neighbor of mine. Now granted, the guy was ummmm.... scum of the earth (yeah that might be a nice enough term for him). He was married and was having an affair with another woman. The other woman had two kids with him (not one - TWO) and he was still married... When his wife found out, she left him. But she also started putting him on every junk mail list in the world and was ordering stuff in his name that would be shipped COD, she even ordered pizza's and had them sent to his place trying to make him pay for them - that sort of thing. Very nasty.

Now with email - it's much easier to harass someone with floods of unwanted spam. And we all know that once you're targeted - it's nearly impossible to get yourself off enough lists to matter. So, it's very effective in a very detestable way.

Maybe the boss was a class A jerk... but this is just wrong. The real problem is that this doesn't just hurt the jerk who deserves it - it hurts everyone else too.

In the earlier example - the problem is cost. Catalog companies pay quite a bit of cash to send out their ads. They want the catalogs to go to people who might actually want to buy something - at least the reputable places do - and much of the stuff this guy was sent came from reputable places. This means the company loses money on the catalog delivery, and also on the delivery of goods which are then refused. This increases costs for the company which are then passed on to the rest of us who might legitimately want to buy the products.

As for spam. The more addresses these guys get, the more encouraged they are to continue in business - the more the rest of us have to scour our own email to get rid of the crap. Not to mention flooding email servers at a company and causing loss of time and productivity.

In the end - using a third party for your own revenge may accomplish what you want, but at what cost? Or possibly this guy doesn't really care as long as he can get back at the boss who "done him wrong". In this case I think the eternal hell of constant spam deleting would be small enough price to pay for this form or harassment. Unsupervised probation and public service just doesn't cut it for me. Spammers should be consigned to hell and those who encourage them, like this guy, should lead the way.

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June 01, 2005

This Will Be Fun

Via Slashdot we find that Microsoft is going to be changing an old standard...

ryanjm writes "Microsoft has decided to drop the "my" prefixes for Longhorn. Instead of "My Computer," it will be just just plain simple "Computer". "

How long will it take after the release to start hearing people say "where's My Computer?"

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