July 28, 2005

This Does NOT Make Me Feel Old

Once again, there is a push to classify something as "old" and "young". How incredibly silly it all is...

E-mail is for older people, teens say in survey

Internet users from 12 to 17 years old say e-mail is best for talking to parents or institutions, but they are more likely to fire up IM when talking with each other, the nonprofit Pew Internet and American Life Project found.

E-mail is still used by 90 percent of online teens. But the survey found greater enthusiasm for instant messaging.

My first question is - why are they even trying to compare the two? They are not the same thing at all - and to try and make them equal then classify one or the other as "young and hip" is idiotic in the extreme.

The reason kids like IM - and many adults for that matter - is because it's a "talky" type of function. You're typing, but communicating in real time - no waiting for Send and Receive like you have with email. It's like trying to compare talking on the phone with writing letters - you can do both for various reasons - and often times those reasons make one medium better than the other.

I've done IM - it's VERY time consuming - so I don't even fire up my IM program anymore. The difference between me and a teen - I have lots of other things to do and IM just takes up valuable time that I don't have to devote to it. I send out email to my friends... which can be perused at their leisure - much more time friendly.

I'm thinking that if you have several hours to devote to IM daily... you don't have enough to do - let me find you something useful to occupy your time with... Heh - now I sound like a mom...

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