October 27, 2006

What Is It With Me and CD Burners?

I hardly ever use them, yet on my other machine the thing just up and died without any reason. One day it was fine... next day it had a big red circle with a line through it - kaput.

Now I'm trying oh so hard to burn a couple of CD's. It's not going too well. I think this new burner requires different CD's than the ones I have on hand. Unfortunately, Windows Media Player doesn't tell me what the problem is... it simply says it can't burn the CD - along with telling me that, it can no longer even see the device. I have to reboot to get the thing back.

I have Roxio on this thing (came with the machine). Took me a while to figure out how to set up a list to burn. Idiot that I am, I figured since I was trying to burn mp3's - that I should go to the menu item under audio called mp3... silly me. Fortunately, Roxio does have a bit more of an error message than WMP - and I don't lose the device when it can't burn the CD.

Guess I have to get some new discs. Now all I have to do is figure out what kind. ho-hum...

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October 18, 2006

So You Send Out a Virus - What Do You Do?

If you're Apple Computer, you blame the victim.

Apple Computer warned on Tuesday that some of its latest iPods have shipped with a Windows virus.

The company said that a small number of video iPods made after Sept. 12 included the RavMonE virus. It said it has seen fewer than 25 reports of the problem, which it said does not affect other models of the media player, nor does it affect Macs.

Lovely. Makes you wonder if they've managed to send out any other virus or worm garbage that hasn't been detected yet. You'd think that they would have some sort of check on their systems to be sure they don't have any virus or worm software for any platform, but apparently this is not the case.

The statement from Apple:

"As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses, and even more upset with ourselves for not catching it," Apple said on its site.

Yeah, you read it right. It's only partially their fault. And, if you want to look at the order of the statements, they consider Windows to be the primary culprit here! Just blame the victim. So let's cut through the BS and tell it like it is. Apple believes that if you use Windows, you deserve to be infected with a virus or worm, because they can't be bothered to QC their product for an Operating System they feel is inferior to theirs.

The only reason there aren't more virus and worm exploits for Apple is that - there is no percentage in it for the virus writers. Apple OS does not have a corner on superior code - they are too small of a market share to for the virus writers to go after. They need to stop presenting themselves as a "superior" OS. There have been Apple OS exploits, they just don't make the news big time, because Apple is not a big business OS. That's the only reason. (I get many security mailings - there are often notices to Apple users to download fixes for OS holes)

I really hate it when companies try to lay off their mistakes onto the very people who are burned. I should be able to use any reputable software on my computer without worrying about installing a virus along with it.

So what's their solution?

The company said that computers using a current antivirus software and with default settings should detect and remove RavMonE, as it is an identified virus. It is urging iPod users without such protection to install antivirus software.

What a great idea, the victim gets to spend more money. The company is not providing a free solution to those who were burned. They are telling you to go out and spend money on AV software. Pay someone else to fix a problem they created on your machine. Good move Apple.

My view is - you provided the virus - you provide the fix. If that means providing AV software, then so be it. Sorry, but no one should have to run out and spend extra money on anything to fix a problem you started.

I've got no great love for Windows software. It has lots of holes and the fixes are often worse than the original problem. But please don't hand me a line of crap about it being my fault that you sent out a virus.

You screwed up Apple, so at least suck it up and apologize. Give out a free fix to people you screwed over with this little surprise package. And for heaven sake, quit sniveling and laying blame outside of your company. You sound like a 3 year old saying... it's Johnny's fault I hit him, he got in the way of my hand".

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October 04, 2006

Bloggy Stuff...

Strange things have been happening in the blog background. First I was getting error messages on posting, which led me to try re-posting several times with no results... until suddenly I had 3 of the same entry. OOPs.

Also, I'm not getting any email notification of comments. Ho-hum...

So, I checked out Munuviana. It seems that Pixy was fiddling with some stuff that should have been okay... naturally it caused issues. Thus the posting errors.

Then he posted that there was a complaint, someone is claiming that our server "Yuri" is spitting out spam. Thus he's got all our email on hold until he can fix it. Poor Pixy.

Need I even mention I've had issues of my own. For some reason, I couldn't reach munu at all yesterday. I thought it was down - completely. I couldn't even get to the Jawa Report. (whenever I can't get to any other munu blogs, I check them out... they're on a different server which means they're often up and have munu news when the other servers are hosed)

After talking to Richmond I found out that the problem was on my end - she was able to get to the munu blogs just fine. ARG! It turned out that for some reason (I still don't know why) when I had my VPN up for work - I could not access anything munu. Everything else I could hit fine, Instapundit (Hosting Matters), Sissy Willis (Typepad), Richmond (blogspot), all were available. If I wanted to get to any munu stuff, I had to shut off my VPN. Even more odd, this lasted most of the mid-part of the day, then all went back to working normally.

I blame Al Gore.

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