December 07, 2007

You Are A Spammer

Google disables Gmail accounts by mistake
Company says it wrongly identified some users of the e-mail service as spammers.


The problem came to light Wednesday night, when users of the e-mail service began reporting on the Gmail Help forum that they couldn't access their accounts.

Then they were bouncing messages too...

However, it appears that the e-mail service didn't accept messages sent to disabled accounts while they were offline. Instead, senders received a "bounce-back" notice informing that the e-mails hadn't been delivered to the intended recipients.

Google didn't immediately reply today to a request for comment on the claims that some accounts are still disabled or on whether the Gmail service will automatically attempt to redeliver incoming messages that were erroneously rejected.

So, if you sent someone a message to a gmail account and it was bounced - you may want to resend it.  You know the only people who lose out in these situations are the small user who has no voice to get things fixed. 

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