September 26, 2007

Will We Ever Find Out Why?

You might have heard about the latest bug in Microsoft's Excel 2007 

The flaw presents itself when multiplying two numbers whose product equals 65,535. Fire up your favorite calculator and multiply 850 by 77.1. Through the magic of zeros and ones, you'll quickly get an answer of 65,535. Those using the Excel 2007, however, will be told the total is 100,000.

If you'd like to see the techy explanation from a guy who (long ago as he says) wrote code for old versions of Excel, head on over to Joel on Software and check out his take

While I don't quite agree with this:

...the chance that you would see this in real life calculations is microscopic.

I don't think he's far wrong.  The problem is, with all the people who use the software and depend upon it for correct display of calculations, this has got to leave them very worried indeed... because it's not really a big deal...

Until It Happens To You!

BTW - I'm still jick-jacking around with stuff including formatting of posts which is somewhat different than MT... As there is no preview, I need to post to see how it will all turn out.   OTOH if I'm right about what is happening with blockquotes, then it's far far easier than MT.  No I wasn't right - have to go look things up

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September 17, 2007

Spammy Names

I'm sure everyone has been getting the weird spammy stuff that started a few months ago. I haven't looked into it as I've not had sufficient interest in what it is and why it's being sent. But I may have to go looking into how they generate these "Sent From Names" because some of them are hysterical. Today's name of the day:

Embryologists L. Malt

Now what kind of engine produces a name like that and secondly who actually opens an email with that name as a "sent from" name.

So what are the ridiculous names popping up in your inbox?

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