October 01, 2008

Move Along - Nothing To See Here

I'm shocked, shocked I tell you! And I know you all will be too when you see this...

China Skype service snags and stores users' messages

Activists with Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto say they found a cluster of computers in China that had logged more than one million messages containing sensitive words such as Falun Gong, Taiwan and earthquake. The Tom-Skype chat software is offered through a joint venture of eBay, which owns the Skype service, and the Tom Group of Hong Kong.

Oh, it's only China, that's all right then.  I thought it was the US and that would have been major headlines around the world!!! After all, the USA is eeeevillll.  But China... nah... they can monitor to their heart's content.  No problem.

The discovery raises troubling questions about the extent to which online auctioneer eBay and the Tom Group cooperate with the Chinese government's monitoring of dissidents.

They're such nice guys they can't possibly mean any harm. 


"While Skype specifically stated that censored messages are 'simply discarded and not displayed or transmitted anywhere"...

And if those Chinese don't say anything wrong on Skype, they've got nothing to worry about.


They contained the IP addresses, user names and content of text messages that had been caught in the Tom-Skype filter. They also included records of Skype voice conversations, including names, and in some cases phone numbers, of the calling parties.

Like I said, no problem.

So, let's all just move along and let Ebay make all kinds of money in China.  It's all harmless.  Just ask the good peeps at Ebay and Tom Group - or someone from the Chinese government.  I know you'll be just as reassured as I am.

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