December 18, 2008


I upgraded the software on my blackberry tonight.  Good grief what a harrowing experience!  Took several hours to get things all arranged and settled.  (naturally the upgrade rearranged everything and I had to reactivate several pieces of software - ho-hum)

Anyhow, my bb should now be up to standard with the latest stuff.  Let's just hope it actually works. 

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December 17, 2008

Patchy Patchy

How long has it been since you've patched your Windows machine?  (okay you Mac users - go snicker over there --> )

Microsoft released a critical patch today for Internet Explorer. 

Now listen up - if you use IE (any version unless you're still trying to run Win98 - in that case there is no help)  and/or Outlook Express with html enabled you are especially vulnerable. But it doesn't matter - if you use Windows, then please head over to Microsoft and make sure your patches are up to date. 

This is a web browsing vulnerability. 

Last weekend, Microsoft researchers said that they had seen a "huge increase" in attacks, and that some were originating from legitimate Web sites. Another researcher added that about 6,000 infected sites were serving up exploits that target the IE vulnerability.

If you don't have automatic updates enabled, then here is what to do:

Go to look under the Security and Updates tab and click on microsoft updates.  Installing the update software from there will check all the microsoft OS and Office products to ensure you have all the patches.

Do this even if you use Firefox as your browser.  The IE browser is so entwined in the Microsoft OS - it's not a good idea to ignore these patches. 

Are you still here?  Unless you're running a Mac or Linux box - stop looking at my scribbles and make sure your box it is okay.

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