January 09, 2009

I've Been Doing Very Geeky Things Tonight

I tried for a short time tonight to watch the big football game between Florida and Oklahoma.  Sadly, the parts I saw showed both teams making eggregiously stupid errors and penalties.  After about 3 different tries I gave up and decided playing with my new computer would be way more fun. 

Therefore, I rolled up my pant legs and waded directly into the morass of "instructions" on how to make my bitty netbook more functionally friendly.  When I was done, I had  managed to install a full desktop version of KDE which now puts it on par with a Windows XP install - in other words all the "stuff" I wanted.  

You may be wondering why... The only reason I did it was because there are a couple of things I wanted to use and they aren't in the "simple" version.  The real winner though... I could set up a VPN on the simple version, but NOT the remote desktop.  *sigh*  So, it would let me into the network, but I couldn't "do" anything once I got there... most annoying.

Of course nothing is ever simple when it comes to computers and especially Linux.  But after reading a blog post I found and the wiki followup and bug fix, I managed to badger things into place without breaking anything. 

(we won't mention the extra pages I had to refer to so I could find out how to edit some files in the terminal window... the things one forgets after 10 years or so...)

Unfortunately, linux instructions are always loaded with many divagations and at least 5 ways to do the same thing, each more complicated than the last. 

Once I read through several web pages and user postings about 15 times, I was able to whittle the changes down to a couple of simple things.  Adding 2 lines to my source.list file before doing the install. Then changing 1 command in the startsimple.sh file from a move to a copy so my icons don't get snuffed out on reboot. 

Yes, it's almost as annoying as the bits of the football game I watched.  However, at least I have something to show for all the annoyance.

Works for me.

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January 07, 2009

Coming To You Live

From my brand new Asus eee pc 1000.

Have to say that so far I LOVE it.

Got the Linux Xandros OS on it.  Very simple, fast, and the icons are large enough that I can easily see them even with these old eyes of mine.

I admit that the shift key for the right  hand is (as everyone else in the world says) a bit of a problem to use without thinking... but so far that's the only teeny issue I've run across.

Now I need to go read some more about this.  What fun!!!

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