February 20, 2009

Watch Out for Those PDF's

Okay kids, listen up!

Hackers exploit unpatched Adobe Reader bug

This is a nasty little bug VERY nasty:


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Got Six Minutes?

Go watch Steve's report.  And remember this, no matter how much you protect your own personal data, if you do any type of business with anyone, you can never be sure they are taking care of their own data in relation to you.***  

Yes, I do mean your personal data is always at risk no matter how diligent you are.

***Please note, Steve is a professional security expert - both computer based and physical based security.  (I have known him for quite a long time since around 1999 I think) He is very very good at this stuff.  And... when he goes "dumpster diving" it's with the full permission of the company involved - in writing.  In other words - do not try this at home unless you would like to spend time in jail. 

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February 11, 2009

Tech Bits

This headline caught my eye today...

Apple gearing up for $99 iPhone?

Sadly - a cell phone does me little good in my current location because no matter which company - I get a very sketchy signal.  I think an itouch would be a better bet for me if I did do anything at all.  But the nano I have seems to be more than enough to suit.  OTOH - this might be interesting if it doesn't get shut down along the way. heh.

Of course Amazon has been deluging us with stories about its new Kindle... all the news feeds have had at least one story and of course techy type blogs.  I don't want to spend $350 to find out I don't like reading it though.  I do love paper books.  Even so, I've been so freaking busy lately I have barely had time to do any reading that isn't on a computer screen.

What I'm really really looking forward to is the new Palm Pre due out sometime this year.  It's too early to say yet and I don't often go for the first release of anything... but this is looking excellent.  I figure about the time my contract is up for a new phone, they'll have worked out the bugs and may even have it available though a variety of carriers.  (it's starting out with Sprint).

I do miss my treo - but I don't miss the really sucky battery life.  I like the email on my blackberry - but the calendar is pretty yucky.  We shall see.

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