April 13, 2009


Should mention I have a Blackberry Curve and that's the only one I know about. 

I saw Tommy twittering earlier about phones.  It's time for him to get a new one and he's looking at a Blackberry.  (surely you didn't think I'd be talking about the little fruit now did you???)

Of course trying to describe techy gadgets in 140 characters or less doesn't work too well.  How much can one condense a description?  What you like, don't like?  I can't do it.  So I decided to do a blog post.

I've had my bb for a while now.  I'm somewhat used to it... I guess. 

What do I not have much opinion of?
- the phone service.  I don't use it at all at home because our cell service here just sucks pond water - this has nothing at all to do with the phone and everything to do with the town allowing towers.

My daughter has a bb curve she got for work, she likes the phone on it. Since she spends nearly 100% of her life on the phone for work - I guess that's a pretty decent endorsement of the phone part of it. It does pair very easily with bluetooth headsets.

What do I like?
- email works great on it.  I have mine linked to gmail and it's excellent.  Very fast.  I bought a little program that makes the email pages look better.  When I got my bb the default was for text only email.  This email program allowed for html email.  Don't know if any of that changed with the 4.5 OS that was recently released for bb, but text email is really sucky looking.
- text messaging works great.  It's easy to use.
- there are free apps for twitter (twitterberry) and facebook so you don't have to use your text message allotment.
- there's a new browser in beta called Bolt that is pretty decent.  I'm still figuring it out.
- it syncs really well with Outlook.

What do I not like?
- I still don't like the calendar.  I was really spoiled by the calendar on my treo - that was a work of art.  It astounds me that the bb calendar is so bad.  It's ugly, you can't see the to do list at the top without scrolling, there's no way to add color fonts to differentiate appointments.  It's not too difficult to add appointments. I've tried a couple of calendar apps - none works anywhere near as well as the treo.  
- the default todo list sucks pond water even more than the calendar.  Recurring todos tend to disappear without warning.  It's difficult to set up a bunch over time as they are kept all on one screen instead of on calendar days.  If you don't give a todo a date and time - it doesn't show up on the calendar at all (even as a default waiting to be done).   
- I had to buy my own alarm program. The one with the bb is gobbledy gook.  Annoying.

I haven't dropped it so I don't know how tough it is, but my daughter's cat HATES her phone and throws it, so it must be pretty tough if it takes that. 

I will be forever peeved that the calendar is so bad on this thing.  Since I live by my calendar far more than by my email - this is a huge issue for me.  I'm watching for the Palm Pre with great anticipation.  But, if the other things I like are up your alley  and the calendar stuff isn't an issue - the bb is a good phone.  I still can't believe a business phone can have such a terrible calendar.  Oh well.

And that's the bb story of the day.

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April 11, 2009

As The Worm Tweets

Well, looks like twitter has developed worm holes or worms are tweeting on twitter... or something like that.

Worm infiltrates Twitter

The worm may originate with the StalkDaily.com site, and Twitter warned people against visiting the site or linking to it.

"If you have been locked out of your acct due to the StalkDaily issue, pls do a p/w reset; we may have reset your p/w for safety," Twitter informed its users on Saturday afternoon.


According to a TechCrunch report, visiting the profile page of an infected user can lead to one's own profile getting infected. The worm also apparently sends spam tweets from the infected person's account that direct others to the StalkDaily site.

Does this mean the early worm gets the tweet?  Or is it the other way around.  I have no idea, but I'm hungry now.

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