February 27, 2010

Patchy Patchy

This last week there were a couple of major security patches released.  This is big and important so please read on and check your software! 

Both of these are from Adobe. First there is the flash player.  If you use a browser, you have a flash player.  Go HERE.  It's Adobe's page that automatically checks the version of flash in your browser.

The most up to date and secure version is  - this page shows you in a little box near the top of the text what version you have.

If your version is not up to that number, then on that same page in the text click on the Player Download Center link.  It takes you to the page where you click on the "Agree and Install Now" and follow the directions to update the flash player.

If you use more than one browser, do it for each browser on your system.  If you are using Windows do Internet Explorer even if you never use it for anything other than getting microsoft updates. 

Next if you have Adobe Reader on your computer, open it click on the Help menu item and then on the Check for Updates item.  If it needs to be updated, it will do so. 

Now, if you have a Mac - you don't need Adobe since Preview does an excellent job reading PDF's.  But if you're on Windows you may want to consider downloading the free version of Foxit.  I just downloaded it for my Windows machine and made it the default PDF viewer.  Less problems with security than Adobe has. 

Are we having fun yet?  Now get patching.

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