June 12, 2010

Patchy Patchy - Adobe Style

If you haven't heard, there is yet another zero day exploit of Adobe's Flash player.  This means the hole was found (or rather made public if you will) AND the exploits are out in the wild waiting to hijack your computer all at the same time. 

Soooo.... here's the deal.  Head on over and check which version you are using:

Flash Version

If the first 2 numbers are less than 10.1  then click on the link to the "Flash Player" on the right side bar (under the words - Products Affected) and install the updated software.

If you are running windows be a bit careful when doing the update - if you do NOT want McAfee  antivirus to download with the flash player - please unclick the box asking if you want it.  *sigh*  What the hell is with these companies!  Extra software should be an OPT-IN not OPT-OUT.  ARG! 

Unless you browse all the time from an ipod, iphone, or ipad  - this flash bug needs to be fixed.  ASAP.  It is a problem for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

Thank you.

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