January 22, 2011


It used to be that having web access was a most excellent thing, but was not really a necessity in terms of  "I must have this or I can not conduct my day-to-day life comfortably”. 

As of today, I am persuaded this is no longer the case. 

It seems now that one can not - really can NOT - live life and acquire decent appliances of any kind,  without being able to access the internet. 

What brought about this sudden enlightenment you may ask???

The quest to buy a new humidifier for our bedroom. 

Just a little thing. One of those items that makes winter up north more comfortable. 

As the temps drop, the air in the house dries out to the point of severe discomfort.  Waking up in the morning with every membrane so dry you feel as if it all will tear if you move it even a millimeter... dashing to the bathroom for water.  Receiving that lovely blue shock of static electricity when touching anything metal… what a delightful way to spend the cold months.

Because of these things, the small room humidifier seems to be a brilliant investment of one’s hard earned cash.

We did have a whole house unit when we moved in, but it decided to go bonkers one day and ran itself into a smoking mess.  We looked at it, my husband disconnected it, and  we decided it was too much effort to buy a new one. (The research on units, the price comparisons, the estimates, the calling of references, the scheduling of workers… way too much time and effort)  Thus we arrive at a point every winter where we haul out the old single room humidifier, fill it up, and turn it on. 

However, the poor old thing is on its last legs.  The fan is making ominous noises speaking of imminent demise.  It still wheezes out the fine mist of watery life, but it won’t last much longer. 

No problem… I’ll just head to Target and buy a new one.  Online at Target they have several PAGES of humidifiers from Hello Kitty to the stolid blocks of plastic.  All of them ready and able to send out that lovely mist. 

However, online is not the same as in the store.  In the store there is a paucity of choice - to put it mildly. There is one model - ONE - and it’s… On Sale!!! Buy it now!!!  For $25 you too can buy a bottom of the line piece of junk that will last a week before it spews water all over the floor instead of into the air. 

Okay, Target is a bust.  On to Sears.  Surely they will have a few models in the store.

Ah the optimism it is quickly extinguished.  They have the exact same bottom of the line model Target is carrying. No choices, just one model.  Guaranteed to be the one you should never buy no matter how cheap it might be.

So it’s back home and online.  Wonderful online where I can find the model I want and have it delivered in a week.  Marvelous online where there are no other customers blocking the aisles as I try to look for what I want.  No customers trying to run me over with carts.  Just my computer and me looking for a good product to buy and a good place to buy it.

All the old one has to do is hold out for about a week and all will be well.

No, you can’t live well any more without internet access.  You can live… but it would be a life of one irritatingly bad purchase after another.  Not my idea of a good way to spend my time or money.

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January 17, 2011

Squashing the Evil Mouse

I was emailing Harvey the other day after he commented on my home page post.  Naturally it had nothing at all to do with home pages because his comment sent my brain off on a tangent.  Well… it doesn’t take much to send my brain off on a tangent… oh look! shiny!… but I digress.

I don’t know about you, but I consider the computer mouse to be one of the more hateful creatures inflicted upon civilization. These vermin appear to have been created solely for the purpose of making our hands and arms hurt. Whenever possible I try to avoid using the evil little rodent.  Thus I was giving Harvey a few of my keyboard shortcut tips.  He told me I had to blog it and here we are. 

After much pondering, typing, and deleting I hope I have come up with a post that can give you some small ways to cut back on mouse usage.  We shall see.  You may know none, some, all, or many more than I have here. This is aimed primarily at people who use the evil little mouse and never thought too much about using the keyboard.  The fewer times you have to take your fingers off the keyboard, the faster your typing goes.  You see, not only is the mouse evil, it’s a time waster.  My advice - take them one at a time.  Start using the first one and add another when the first has become a habit.  It’s easier that way.

I use both Windows and Mac.  And yes, I do tend to mix up the keystrokes at times, usually it’s not too much of an issue although it can be annoying. 

The keyboard shortcuts between the two systems are close, but not exactly the same. If you use IE as your browser, you’re going to have one less option than the other browsers out there - sorry, but IE does funky stuff and does not lend itself to one of my favorite keyboard work arounds - the url copy/paste.  I prefer Firefox or Safari for my browsing.  Now let us commence.  The rest will continue below the fold so you can skip it if you have zero interest. 


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January 08, 2011

Home Page

I'm still really tired and finding it difficult to focus much on anything for long.  So I have a question for you.

What do you use as a "home page" on your browser? 

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January 06, 2011

It's Zero Day With IE8

I happen to be only mildly interested in this little bug - to the extent that I want to see how long it takes to patch. Depending on how deep the problem is and how much the fix might break... it could take a while. 

However, it does occur to me that there are people who prefer using Internet Explorer as their browser and so I should pass along a warning to you.

Researchers confirm Googler's Internet Explorer bug

French security researchers today confirmed the presence of a bug in Internet Explorer (IE) that's at the center of a spat between Microsoft and a Google security engineer.

According to Vupen, IE8 harbors a vulnerability that can be exploited to hijack a Windows system.

You can go read the rest if you like. However, the gist of it is:

-- IE8 has a bug.
-- It's tricky to exploit but the method has been released to the world at large (i.e. hackers are working on it as I type)
-- If someone figures out how to use the malicious code, all you would have to do is hit  a "bad" web page and your computer could be taken over
-- There is no fix for the bug as yet

My advice?  Until the bug is patched, you may want to consider using a different browser.  Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.  (I prefer Firefox, but hey, I'm all about options)

If you just can't bring yourself to give up using IE, then I suggest making sure you have a complete backup of your files. A backup you've checked and you know it's good!  And you know where your reinstall disks might be... just in case.

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