October 20, 2011

Patchy - Patchy

A big Java update was released today.  It's time to patch that Java on your pc's.  Why? Because the holes being patched can be exploited simply by surfing to a website with malware java script. It can even be a reputable website that is unknowingly hosting java malware ads. 

If you turned off auto updates because they are a PITA (yes I turned mine off), then go to Control Panel and type "Java" into the search box to find it.  Click the update tab and then the "update now" button to get started.  It's pretty quick and you don't have to do a restart which is nice.

On Mac you'll have to wait until Apple releases an update. 

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October 12, 2011


That whooshing noise you hear is the sound of all the people (aka fanboys) who use Apple devices trying to get the iOS5 update and iCloud going... all at the same time.  Bits and bytes are flowing at an unprecedented rate over the net.  Causing bliss for some and chaos for others.

While iOS5 sounds like a terrific update... yes, I want it on my iPhone... all I have to do is look at my twitter stream to see the results of the onslaught. 

Just a few:

Is everyone having trouble moving to iCloud? Is it just system overload?

iFail. Oh well. Don't call.

Why does the iOS update process, which keeps erroring when contacting Apple's servers, have to do a full backup EVERY. SINGLE. TIME?

This is what happens when there is a highly anticipated software release and everyone is waiting for the words "It's live!". 

At this point it's nearly impossible to figure out if the failures are due to server problems, network problems, device problems, or any combination of the above. 

Of course some out there downloaded and upgraded with no problem at all.  It's hit or miss which is not surprising.  The funny thing is, in about 24 hours all the hoopla will have died down and it will all go smoothly.

So, just like I missed all those opening nights at the theaters with billions of people trying to see the must see movie of the millennium. And all the years I didn't buy the must buy toy of the  season for my kids.  I will wait and do my upgrade in a more leisurely fashion.  There might be problems, but then there always are problems.  Why add to the headache by wading in with millions of others at exactly the same time? 

Oh and if you are going to be doing any Apple updating, please for the love of heaven back up your data first!!! 

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