December 10, 2011

And Now It's Adobe Flash

Ho-Hum... another day another Adobe Exploit.

This time it's Adobe Flash with a Zero Day

The most relevant bit... since there is no fix available and heaven knows when there will be.

The exploits should be addressed by Adobe sooner or later, but until then you might consider a tool like Click2Flash, NoScript, or Click2Plugin for blocking unwanted Flash content from running on your system.

UPDATE: found this vid at CNET that walks you through how to use noscript if you add it to Firefox.

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December 08, 2011

Do You Use Adobe Reader?

There is currently a zero day exploit - a hole in the software that is known but has no patch available as yet - making the rounds.

Security Threat in Reader

I'm linking to a Mac site because it needs to be emphasized that this is a problem with Adobe Reader NOT just on Windows PC's but on Windows, Mac, and even UNIX machines (which I assume includes Linux).

Version 9.4.6 is the currently exploited software (there is malicious software in the wild).  On Windows machines, it will be patched next week. If you are on a Mac or on Unix using this version you are SOL because... hey dudes, it's the holidays! They'll get something out early next year...

Oh... Jolly good then.

If you have a new version of Adobe 10.1.1 there are some options available. The first paragraph refers to Mac (because it is a Mac site).

To enable protected view in Adobe's Reader X and Acrobat X products, go to the Edit menu and select Preferences. Then select "Security (Enhanced)" and check the option to "Enable Enhanced Security," ensure that either the "All Files" or "Files from potentially usafe locations" are checked if they are available.

On Windows PCs you can also go to the "General" section of the preferences and ensure that "Enable Protected Mode at Startup" is selected, but this option is not available for Reader on OS X.

Or better yet - get rid of Adobe if you can.  If you are only using it to read pdf's, then for heaven sake - on Mac use Preview. It's on your system and it's free.  If you need a pdf type thing that's allows you to edit, use PDF Pen.  It's great and it's cheap!

If you use Windows, do yourself a huge favor and grab Foxit Reader. It's free and about 1000% faster when opening PDF files than Adobe is.  They also have editing software that is not too expensive (although I have not used it). 

Really - get off Adobe Reader - get it off your system and you will be safer and be able to read documents far faster than you can with it.

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