March 12, 2012

Posterous Bought By Twitter

The big news this evening...  that Posterous is now a part of Twitter.

I have my iphone photo blog on Posterous. (Technicalities to Go) although I haven't been posting much of anything lately.  It's dead easy to post using only an email then it will send out messages via twitter, facebook, flickr, etc, etc, etc.  Can't hardly beat it.

Guess it's wait and see time.  I do hope it doesn't go away.  If it ends up being dissolved I'll be very unhappy.  That's the blogging life I suppose.

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March 02, 2012

An Amazing Woman

Grace Hopper who was a computer scientist before the term was even coined.  Here's a short vid where she explains the "nanosecond".  I so wish I had had her for a teacher in school.

Mind Your Nanoseconds!

I'm pretty sure she could teach today's young programmers a thing or two or three.

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March 01, 2012

If You Have That "Someone Is Watching Me" Feeling

You may not be too far off. It's amazing how much data we give off to the world at large.

Phone Call 'Line Noise' Could Expose Thieves

In this case the data being watched is being used for "good" according to the people writing the article. However, if you give it a little thought you could see how it might be used in many and varied nefarious ways.

If you are interested in a true expert talking about this, Patrick Gray of Risky Business has a two part interview with the incredibly brilliant Dan Geer.  I was fortunate enough to hear Dan speak at a meeting recently and I swear I would have become a statistician if he had been my stats teacher in college... amazing man! 

Part 1 of the interview is "Digital Exhaust"

Part 2 of the interview is "Surveillance"

Be aware... the first 20 minutes or so of the show is security news.  I find it fascinating and informative, but you may want to fast forward until the interview starts directly after the news.

Keep looking over your shoulder - you never know who is watching.

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