July 28, 2012

Windows Sidebar and Gadgets

Attention all Windows Vista and Windows 7 users. Do you use the Sidebar and Gadgets feature? If so check this out. 

This was one of the talks at Black Hat this week which means the exploit has been published and is well known all over the hacker world by now (if it wasn't known prior to the talk).

I don't use it, but I assume there are people who do and I can almost hear them saying... yeah... so???  I already have my gadgets so I just won't add any more.  

The problem is, there are ways to exploit existing gadgets you already have installed.  That makes it very nasty indeed as it's not just a case of installing a bad gadget.  

What should be even more of an impetus...  Microsoft's "fix" involves disabling the feature completely.  That's not something they do very often when confronted with a possible security exploit on their systems. 

No, they aren't even going to try and fix it.  This means the underlying gadget code is such that it's not a fixable problem without breaking the system completely.  Oops. 

There is a link to Microsoft's fix page for this from the article above.  I would recommend applying the fix even if you don't use the Sidebar/Gadget feature.  Just an extra precaution.  

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