October 30, 2013


With all the updates being posted to applications on my iMac, I have noticed it getting slower and slower (and it was already slow to begin with).  This happened when they started updating Snow Leopard apps for the move to Lion, which means this was not unexpected.

Last night I bit the bullet and installed Mavericks, hoping it would help with some of the memory management issues.

So far it's been pretty messy.  Apple totally hosed up the Gmail interface in the Mail.app.  I am plugging away at things and I hope once all the dust settles and everything is indexed, it will work again.  We shall see.

In the meantime, I ponder doing a fresh install of Mavericks rather than an upgrade...  not sure I have the time to spend messing with such a project.  The in-place update has taken longer to slog through than expected.  But it may be necessary if things continue to run so slow.

Stay tuned.

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